How bout Thundercats Commemorative?

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    MXTHUNDERCAT Laser Beast

    I was thinking about the great job MOTU and Mattel did with the franchise as far as action figures. Then I began to compare it to what BANDAI is now doing with the Thundercats franchise. Suddenly it hit me, they both released the toy line for their new series, then apparently just like Mattel released a "Classics" series so is BANDAI (Lion-o and Tigra), but they I realized Mattel also released a commemorative series of the original toys.....exact same action figures as far as the models go and same packaging. So I thought Id start this and ask fans if they would like a commemorative series, I know I would, maybe start a poll and get something started....
  2. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    I think a Commemorative line would ruin the collectibility of the originals and cheapen them. I say leave well alone and focus on improving the Bandai Classics line to the best standard it can be!

    Besides, LJN no longer exist and whoever owns their assets now, will own the rights to the LJN toy sculpts. Bandai can't really use those without getting permission. To be honest that would be more hassle than it's truely worth.

    MXTHUNDERCAT Laser Beast

    I see your point and I did think of that, but In my opinion I dont think they would cheapen the originals, If you want an original you can go on ebay and spend 300+ for a 1980s figure, but if you dont want to spend that much, it would be a nice option. I think the original figures were so great that they are definitely worth the trouble to obtain the license or the rights and produce a commemorative issue.
  4. Lord LionO

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    I agree, MOTU was a far bigger toy line than Thundercats was so there were far more characters that Mattel didn't bother commemorating. A commemorative Thundercats line would really cheapen the vintage line. Back when playmates re-released the commemorative TMNT line I bought the 4 turtles but lately I still want to replace them with the authentic 1988 originals. A collection of commemoratives in a way just isn't an authentic collection to me.
  5. thundergr

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    there is no point in releasing a commemorative series.. The target fan group is way smaller and also the new figures of thundercats are about to be released..
  6. Kameinu

    Kameinu Mutant

    I tend to be all for things being re-released or redone, but this time, surprisingly I'm not. I don't own many of the original toys, and the little I do had isn't in great condition. But do know the value of hard to get vintage ones, I wouldn't like for such rarity to be ruined. It happened to me with another franchise. =/
  7. Dr_SLUMP

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    I'd like my little sister (and probably my future children) to have the joy of opening the toys I did in their age...

    I actually bought her some MOTU commemoratives with damaged cards as well as some commemorative/KO Transformers and she's was really happy when I explained what these toys mean to me (and she's already a big fan of 80s cartoons).

    On the other hand, I actually don't see any reason for the prices of the real MOCs to fall. Originals will always be originals and commemorative figures serve a different purpose than being display items.

    So I guess I'm one of those who would really like to see copies of the good old toys in stores again.
  8. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    to be honest i never really liked the original toys. they really didnt have very good sculpts. :/

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