How much the reboot took from the comics

Discussion in 'ThunderCats (2011)' started by srebak, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. srebak

    srebak Laser Beast

    We all know that the reboot series borrowed a few things from its 80's predecessor, but after reading 3 of the comics based off of the latter, i'm left a little curious, how much did the reboot's material was inspired by the comics?
  2. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    When asked the guys working on the show swore up and down that they never read the comics at all.
  3. hammy0924

    hammy0924 Ultimate No-Life

    The single fact that the NS was darker may make it seem similar in approach to the Wildstorm comics, but otherwise the NS really doesn't have anything from the comics that is extremely obvious. I know Dobo's design was similar to a character in one of the comics, but the character was much different.
  4. srebak

    srebak Laser Beast

    I started this thread because, like i said, i read some of the comic books based on the OS. And quite frankly, I've noticed a lot of things that parallel with the reboot.

    In Cheetara's origin story, Cheetara was racing to see who would get to be the Thundercat who would watch over "Prince" Lion-O. That's basically what happened in the NS, Cheetara wanted to be among the Thundercats and, in the end, was chosen to watch over Lion-O. Granted, it didn't work out to well in the NS, but still.

    In "The Return" saga, Mumm-Ra invaded Thundera with an army of Mutants (an idea which i originally thought was made for the NS, since Mumm-Ra didn't appear to have an actual army in the OS), put the survivors in a mine and had one Thundercat betray the others for personal gain. Sounds familiar doesn't it? I was even told that Cheetara's reaction to Lion-O's return was similar to Pumyra's

    In the "Dogs of War" saga, a race of Reptilian creatures was introduced and, as someone else once pointed out, Dobo looks very similar to the character Dobolord, and the same applies to the Dogs of War and the Dogs seen in the NS.

    On a completely unrelated topic, i still find it hard to swallow that Third Earth is supposed to be our Earth in the distant future. On one hand, it would explain a few things, like the name, the pyramids and the Warrior Maidens. But on the other hand, it just doesn't seem as believable as what Planet of the Apes did
  5. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    That's correct Srebak, Cheetara was very hostile to the returning Lion-O after his time training in the book of Omens. She blamed him for not being their when his people needed him.....even though it was Mumm-Ra who cast a spell which altered the time stopping powers of the book. Basically years could pass in a day inside the book but with Mumm-Ra's spell made it so it was actually years that were passing.

    I don't know if that's by chance or not but it seems the writers never even watched much of the OS let alone read any of the comics.
  6. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    Personally I hated the comics. I felt too many characters acted out of character (Cheetara blaming Lion-O being one of them) and I felt the implication that Cheetara had been raped by Monkian was going too far.
  7. Rizefall

    Rizefall Swedish Meatball

    This shows nothing that they "took it from the comics".

    Some stuff might be simliar cause they had some ideas that were the same. That happens a lot whether they read those comics or not.
  8. mmartino

    mmartino Junior Member

    I felt the modern comics didnt have the nobility of the original series. It went to far. I didnt like Lion-o getting stuck in the book of omens. I liked the Grune origin story though. I always thought they would make an episode in the original series describing how mumra somehow destroyed earth in the future. apparently human kind continued to thrive in space seeing as how safari jo, Mandora and the circus train conductor were all humans from space.
  9. Dr_SLUMP

    Dr_SLUMP Berserker

    The 200X comics seemed awful to me. I only liked the origins of Thundera and Mumm-Ra.

    That sexed-up stuff about the Thunderkitten slaves completely disgusted me.
  10. catamountain

    catamountain Moleman

    Dan Norton was supposed to work on the Comics for Wildstorm but then was kicked off the project just as it went to publication, if you look in the back off Issue #0 there is a drawing he did of Panthro
  11. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    I don't think the 2011 series borrowed anything from the WildStorm comics.
  12. Cougar

    Cougar Crabman

    I don't know if they "borrowed" anything from the comics but I can defenetly see where they drew inspiration from certain aspects of it. One that sticks out to me is the drawing of young Cloudus. Can't remember off hand which issue it was in but he looked allot like the 2011 Lion-o, especially his outfit. I'll see if I can find the issue.

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