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Discussion in 'ThunderCats Marketplace' started by Kreg, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. Kreg

    Kreg Junior Member

    HammerHand (C 8 ) *One cable clip broken* - 10.00
    JackalMan (C9) *complete* - 15.00
    Tuska (C6) *Complete* - 5.00
    RamBam (C7) *Complete* - 8.00
    Safari Joe (C9) *complete* - 25.00
    Captain Cracker (C9) *Complete* - 25.00
    Mongor (C9) *Complete* - 40.00
    Vultureman (C9) *Complete* - 10.00
    Snowman (C 8 ) *Missing Staff* - 10.00
    Monkian (C6) *Complete* - 7.00
    SSSLithe (C9) *Complete* - 10.00
    Gune (C 8 ) *Complete but has minor paint loss on tips of chest* - 15.00
    Stinger (C10) *Complete,with wings broken cleanly off,can be glued back on,all wings included* - 70.00

    Top hatchs to the Thundertank have 2 parts - 8.00 a peice

    I am negotiable especially if your buying more then 1 figure,but not insanlly,as this is even less then I paid,so your getting a awsome deal!

    If these sell well I'll have some more up soon. I also have a few Junker figures wich are incomplete. Pictures can be provided for people serious about purchasing. thanks for looking!
  2. matt

    matt Thunderian Legend


    I'd be interested in the Stinger and maybe a few other ones. What is Rambams condition (cause most are scuffed up from where he rolls around) Could I see some pics and do you accept paypal
  3. Kreg

    Kreg Junior Member

    Ill get on the pics tommrow! I can only do money orders or cash right now,but im repuitable,i have excellent feedback.

    Ram Bam has a few minor scratchs to him,notthing too serious.


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  5. Jaga

    Jaga Moleman

    I am interested in the Stinger. Let me know when you have pics!
  6. mesepher

    mesepher Moleman

    I am very interested in the Stinger and the Monkian. I will follow this up with a PM.

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