Hypothetical Super7 ThunderCats first release

Discussion in 'Mattel ThunderCats Toys' started by Sebastiaan, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. AutobotC5

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    Well, the original mention that they were working on it was here: http://toynewsi.com/news.php?itemid=26876&catid=345

    There has since been an addendum saying that things were looking very favorable, but I can't recall where I saw that, and am trying to hunt that link down now...will post that when I find it. :)
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    I've wondered, frankly, about the cost of Mattel's plan to attack TCats with animation-based sculpts. There is such a wide range of body types among the characters of the TCats universe that re-using molds would be very difficult. Curious to see, if Super7 manages to continue the line, how that will be handled, and what the cost impact will be to individual figures.

    Mattel likely had a cadence already set for releases into 2017, with 4H already working on sculpts for (my guess would be) at least another 6 months worth of characters at the time the plug was pulled at Matty. I would venture to guess that Super7 would try to follow that original cadence, then after that, it's open season. So, given that Jaga and Grune were in the works already, they will likely be among the first of the Super 7 releases. As for the rest of 2017...I'd look for a Snarf/Ma-Mutt or Snarf/Snarfer 2-pack (like the Kit & Kat one), probably Tygra, Lynx-O, Slithe, Everliving Mumm-Ra, Cheetara, Bengali, Monkian, Vultureman. Ratar-O, and Hachiman. If instead they mix it up and run half A-list and half B-list characters, more power to them. And if they work in some Lunatacs...even MORE power to them. :)

    I'm in agreement with the majority sentiment here that any convention exclusives should be variants of characters (red Lion-O, Spirit Jaga, et al), and not primary characters themselves like the 2016SDCC fiasco.

    One thing of note with Super7's handling of MOTUC to start...I noticed they state those are “made-to-order” presale products. My guess would be that they would handle TCats similarly...i.e., no subscriptions. Or perhaps subscriptions will be an option in addition to individual presales, with per-figure prices slightly lower than the individual figure presale prices.
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  3. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Thunderian Legend

    I'm wondering what their terms would be on the made-to-order presale. It's a bit of a bad time of the month to expect immediate payment for so many figures one would want. If ThunderCats is going to be anything like this, I'll have to save up in advance to be able to afford buying the lot. I just hope that they keep that in mind when launching TC next year (fingers crossed they do!)
  4. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Thunderian Legend

    I saw that. If they get the license I hope that they'd at least give us 2 figures max at a time to purchase. That would be a better bet than having 4 at once. And a month's notice is more welcome than a 2 week's notice. Wanted to buy the ultimates but their timing just isn't good enough. An extra 4 weeks would've made all the difference. Let's hope TC won't suffer the same short sale periods (then again, I'll begin saving for their possible line next year since I'm not going to miss out on any of their figures!) Hopefully we get more info when they release their Dec 16th information about the next batch of MOTUC figures. We'll likely get another idea of what they're planning when it comes to selling stuff.
  5. blackiecats

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    That would be a very bad idea given how much shipping costs are for the Super7 stuff. I'm NOT prepared to pay $56 in shipping for 2 figures when I could still be paying $56 for 4 figures to be shipped. Two figures at a time would push cost of each figure up to an unaffordable level due to shipping, for some collectors outside the USA. The only way to get the figures as close to MattyCollector cost is by doing bulk shipments of at least 4 figures each time.

    I do agree though that they need to announce each 4 figure waves line up and pricing a couple of months ahead of the pre-order and give at least a month for folks to order. That should allow folks to save up for those 4 figures :)
  6. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    Or how much WB wants for it
  7. Roadpigjohn

    Roadpigjohn Laser Beast

    After looking at the new classic packaging for the MOTU Ultimate figures I can see Super 7 doing the same for the Thundercats in a kind of LJN style cards.

    Take a look what they are doing with MOTU
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  8. AutobotC5

    AutobotC5 Junior Member

    I think Super7 will do some growing soon in their order-handling department. I'd look for some adjustments to their shipping regimen/costs, as well as something akin to order stacking/combined shipments. At least, I have faith that they will institute something like that to grow their business.

    On the TCats license cost, I had read in an older article that WB had wanted a $1M flat fee for it at one time (I think around the time Bandai took on the product license). No idea how they asses any given dollar value to such a thing. Seems to me that's a bit expensive at this point.

    As for how Super7 would approach a revived TCC line, I'd look for a Lion-O and Mumm-Ra reissue right off the bat. It's possible they would run the releases in pairs, one hero and one villain. Given that Super7 hasn't really indicated (to my knowledge) their pacing for releases going forward with the MOTUC line, it's difficult to make guesses here. I do, though, like their "pre-order-rather-than-subscription" initial plan. With that type of sales model, though, my guess would be that (for MOTUC and any potential TCC) we will see a LOT of re-used molds with scant newly sculpted pieces, like the GIJCC does for GI Joe.

    I'm of mixed feelings about retro-style packaging for TCC. It would be right up Super7's alley though...they like that sort of thing. I like Mattel's packaging, though I feel the character artwork could be quite a bit better.
  9. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    The MOTU Ultimate's packaging looks awesome. :)
  10. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    Super7 have revealed their plans for the 2017 MOTUC line. We are getting 8 Classics style figures (it was known as Collector's Choice in 2016) and 8 Club Grayskull Filmation style figures. The first wave of 4 figures are being revealed in mid December with a pre-order to start around early February.

    I doubt it will be a pre-order per individual figure either as I'm sure they will want to sell them in the same quantities as existing parts pay for new sculpts and to do that you need to sell x amount of a shared parts figure to pay for a brand new figure. I expect the pre-order will be for the bundle of all 4 figures only.

    I assume it's for the first half of Club Grayskull as during SDCC I think it was stated that the 4H had some Filmation prototypes ready. I'm expecting something like Mer-Man, Tri-Klops, Prince Adam and Teela.
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  11. Roadpigjohn

    Roadpigjohn Laser Beast

    2017 MOTU Classics Collector's Choice fan poll results!
    1st Stringers:
    1. Karg (87 Movie)
    2. Lady Slither (MOTUC mini-comic)
    3. Granita (Filmation, Daily newspaper comic strip)
    4. Lodar (vintage MOTU mini-comic)
    5. Dylamug (Filmation)
    6. Hunga the Harpy (Filmation)
    7. Skeletor (87 Movie)
    8. Fang-Or (MOTUC mini-comic)
    9. Illumina (2002 comic)
    10. God Skeletor (87 Movie)
    11. King/Captain Miro (200x cartoon, MOTUC mini-comic)
    12. Catra Cat Form (Filmation)
    13. Sorceress (200x, Staction, MYP)
    14. He-Man (1987 Movie)
    15. Hawke (Filmation)
    16. Horde Mummy (vintage MOTU concept)
    17. Kittrina (Filmation)
    18. Tuvar (200x cartoon)
    19. Baddrah (200x cartoon)
    20. Lizorr (NA toy)
    21. Masks of Power Demons (vintage MOTU mini-comic)
    22. Delora (Filmation)
    23. Goddess (New 52 DC comic)
    24. Quakke (NA toy)
    25. Great Black Wizard (MOTUC mini-comic)
    26. Queen Andreeno (200x cartoon)
    27. Colonel Blast (Filmation)
    28 Skeletor Troopers (87 Movie)
    29. Evil-Lyn (87 Movie)
    30. Hawke (200x cartoon, MVCreations comic)
    31. Teela (200x cartoon)
    32. General Tataran (Filmation)
    33. Skeleton Warrior (TDK game, MVCreations comic)
    34. Captain Randor (battle helmet 200x cartoon)
    35. Bubblor (Create-A-Character runner-up 2012)

    2nd Stringers:
    36. Hoove (NA toy)
    37. Red Beast (MOTUC mini-comic, vintage MOTU concept)
    38. Staghorn (NA toy)
    39. Kayo/Tatarus (NA toy)
    40. Red Knight (Filmation)
    41. Butthead (NA toy)
    42. Slime Pit Bone Warrior (200x toy)
    43. Artilla (NA toy)
    44. Spinwit (NA toy)
    45. MYP Skeletor
    46. Tung Lashor (Filmation)
    47. Vizar (NA toy)
    48. Bould-Or (vintage MOTU mini-comic)
    49. Nocturna (NA toy)
    50. Ra-Jar (Create-A-Character runner-up 2012)
    51. Horde Aqua Trooper (Filmation)
    52. Game Master (Filmation)
    53. Major Header (Create-A-Character runner-up 2012)
    54. Zilora (Filmation)
    55. Skelcons (Ladybird Books)
    56. King Randor (default version - 200x cartoon)
    57. Oracle (200x cartoon)
    58. Horokoth Sorceress Evil-Lyn
    59. Ice Armor He-Man (200x toy)
    60. Illeena (Filmation)
    61. Three-Beast (Create-A-Character runner-up 2012)
    62. Prince Adam (200x Toy)
    63. Hans Hammer Holder (MOTUC mini-comic)
    64. Skeleteen (new MOTUC mini-comic)
    65. Melaktha (Filmation)
    66. Admiral Scurvy (Filmation)
    67. Air Centurions (87 Movie)
    68. Teela (87 Movie)
    69. Sorceress (87 Movie)
    70. Man-At-Arms (87 Movie)

    1st King/Captain Miro (200x cartoon, MOTUC mini-comic)
    2nd Sorceress (200x, Staction, MYP)
    3rd Tuvar (200x cartoon)
    4th Baddrah (200x cartoon)
    5th Queen Andreeno (200x cartoon)
    6th Hawke (200x cartoon, MVCreations comic)
    7th Teela (200x cartoon)
    8th Captain Randor (200x cartoon)
    9th Slime Pit Bone Warrior (200x cartoon)
    10th MYP Skeletor (200x cartoon)

    1st Dylamug (Filmation MOTU)
    2nd Hawke (Filmation MOTU)
    3rd Kittrina (Filmation MOTU)
    4th Delora (Filmation MOTU)
    5th Colonel Blast (Filmation MOTU)
    6th General Tataran (Filmation MOTU)
    7th Tung Lashor (Filmation MOTU)
    8th Horde Aqua Trooper (Filmation MOTU)
    9th Game Master (Filmation MOTU)
    10th Zilora (Filmation MOTU)

    1st Granita (Filmation, Daily newspaper comic strip POP)
    2nd Hunga the Harpy (Filmation POP)
    3rd Catra Cat Form (Filmation POP)
    4th Red Knight (Filmation POP)
    5th Admiral Scurvy (Filmation POP)
    6th Lohni (Filmation POP)
    7th King Ahgo (Filmation POP)
    8th Melog (Filmation POP)
    9th Gaeda (Filmation POP)
    10th Inspector Darkney (Filmation POP)

    1st Lodar (vintage MOTU mini-comic)
    2nd Masks of Power Demons (vintage MOTU mini-comic)
    3rd Bould-Or (vintage MOTU mini-comic)
    4th Slime Pit He-Man (vintage MOTU mini-comic)
    5th Trap Jaw (green - vintage MOTU mini-comic)
    6th Stratos (flesh tone - vintage MOTU mini-comic)
    7th Prince Dakon (vintage MOTU mini-comic)
    8th King Hiss' Slave Girl (vintage MOTU mini-comic)
    9th Female Rock Warrior ("Peblass", vintage MOTU mini-comic)
    10th Garn (vintage MOTU mini-comic)

    1st Lady Slither (MOTUC mini-comic)
    2nd Fang-Or (MOTUC mini-comic)
    3rd Great Black Wizard (MOTUC mini-comic)
    4th Hans Hammer Holder (MOTUC mini-comic)
    5th Skeleteen (new MOTUC mini-comic)
    6th Bandwidth (MOTUC mini-comic)
    7th Beast Lord (MOTUC mini-comic)
    8th Gladiator (MOTUC mini-comic)
    9th Prince Keldor (MOTUC mini-comic)
    10th Red Shadow (MOTUC mini-comic)

    1st Illumina (Concept)
    2nd Horde Mummy (vintage MOTU concept)
    3rd Goddess (New 52 DC comic)
    4th Skeleton Warrior (TDK game, MVCreations comic)
    5th Bubblor (Create-A-Character runner-up 2012)
    6th Red Beast (MOTUC mini-comic, vintage MOTU concept)
    7th Ra-Jar (Create-A-Character runner-up 2012)
    8th Major Header (Create-A-Character runner-up 2012)
    9th Skelcons (Ladybird Books)
    10th Horokoth Sorceress Evil-Lyn (DC Comics)

    1st Lizorr (NA toy)
    2nd Quakke (NA toy)
    3rd Hoove (NA toy)
    4th Staghorn (NA toy)
    5th Kayo/Tatarus (NA toy)
    6th Butthead (NA toy)
    7th Artilla (NA toy)
    8th Spinwit (NA toy)
    9th Vizar (NA toy)
    10th Nocturna (NA toy)

    Thanks to www.he-man.org for those pool results....
  12. Thunderhood

    Thunderhood Junior Member

    I would really love for Super 7 to bring out the Lunatics. In addition, it would be great if they redid the Thundertank and make it to where at four characters can fit in, unlike the 80's version.

    I also want Ma-Mutt and Snarf!
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  13. 13977

    13977 Active Member

    If they started with a con exclusive at SDCC the I'd like a version of Jaga, either normal or spirit of, or a Jaga / Grune 2-pack would be even better. Heck even if they don't start with a con exclusive I'd still like them to start with Jaga and Grune.

    I could see S7 reissuing the standard figures Matty released at some point but not the exclusives. We know Brian really respects and believes that an exclusive should be a once it's gone, it's gone for good deal (which is how it should be IMO). I could maybe see them releasing Kit and Kat on standard cards so the previous releases display box window packaging remains exclusive to that release, but I don't see them ever reissuing the mummy Mumm-Ra or any of the MOTU sub exclusives (and nor should they IMO).
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  14. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Thunderian Legend

    Its true - exclusives should really stay that way, otherwise, why are they exclusives. I would however add that when they do release them, that they should consider making at least enough and sell them not just at the venue, but on their website too. This brand has thousands of international fans who can't attend these cons, and true - a lot of the US fans can't fly across the country to attend them. Anyway, I would love anything they release at the cons. As long as I can get my hands on them.

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