If you were in charge of a new series....

Discussion in 'ThunderCats (2011)' started by T-Cat, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. T-Cat

    T-Cat Mutant

    How would you portray any of the characters?

    For starters I would make Mumm-ra into a psychotic creature that always laughs in the mold of the Joker!

    Could you imagine the chaos he would cause on 3rd Earth and he would be a instant terror to the Cats!

    Anyone remember the WildStorm comics entitled" Origins", where they told Mumm-Ra's origin?
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  2. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    I would portray Lion-O as someone who's unsure of himself and what he wants until the time comes.
  3. T-Cat

    T-Cat Mutant

    Interesting! Would you have him as a youth trapped in a man's body like old series or start off young like in new series?
  4. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    I'd have him start off young.
  5. Gold Lion

    Gold Lion Great Void Dweller

    I liked the direction they went with in the 2011 series, so I'd go with that. Lion-O would be basically the same, except perhaps a tiny bit older. The things I might change though is making Kit and Kat teens like in the OS. Around 13 or 14 while Lion-O is 17 or 18. I would also make Kat very ambitious, and daring, while Kit can be more of a sneaky little prankster.

    Cheetara I really like as a cleric, so no real changes. I maybe wouldn't make Tygra Lion-O's adopted brother, but I do like him as a sort of rival and a young noble with a bit of an attitude. More of mix between OS and 2011 Tygra.

    I love both versions of Panthro. I think I would give him the backstory and appearance of 2011 Panthro, with some of the gruff personality, but also some of the cooler and more laid back personality of OS Panthro. I also like his history with Grune a lot, so that would stay.

    I liked Pumyra's tough personality too, but I think it would be nice to see her as more of a sweet, shy girl, sort of poking at how she was underused in the OS. More of what the fans were expecting Pumyra to be like back when we knew she would appear but before we saw her. And really focus on her medic skills, because I think that helps her stand out from the other Cats.

    I would want Bengali to be be a hothead around Lion-O's age, and maybe be close to Lynx-O, who would be a wise old blind master of hand to hand combat (as opposed to Jaga's more mystical mentorship).
  6. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    Very interesting ideas.
  7. T-Cat

    T-Cat Mutant

    I like those ideas for the Cats! It connects what the old story was trying to do by giving the characters a bit of a backstory while adding some new ideas....Bengali would be a hot head Black Smith on Thundera (in the mold of Raphael's personality "TMNT) , Pumyra had medical skills, Panthro the mechanic/ninja (in the mold of Snake Eyes "GI Joe") and etc.

    I always envisioned that the ThunderCats were Thundera's best skilled warriors that protect young Lion-O and Snarf while Claudus and Lion-O's mother guard Kingdom Cats Lair (like He-Man's mother and father w/ Castle Grayskull) while summoning Thundera's best when needed! Jaga would be the most skilled and powerful wizard that Lion-O looks up too...
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  8. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I actually like a lot of your ideas. Although I would have Panthro have his fighting skills from the OS. Also I would have Cheetara have more of her personality and fighting skills from the OS.

    The main character I would portray differently is Lion-O. I would have him as a far more bold and heroic character who is a very skilled and competent warrior whose abilities improve over time.
  9. Tygra_Rules

    Tygra_Rules Thunderian Legend

    [FONT=&quot]I[/FONT] would make a mix between OS and NS.

    • In the first scenes, I'd show kitten TCs: Lion-o's birth, and how each of the noble TCs get there, how they were chosen (one from each clan? Trials among them?)
    • In an early scene as well, but years later, I'd show how the Mutants from different clans come together, all five of them (Slithe, Monkian, Jackalman, Vultureman and Ratar-O), but each of them with an army. Of course, give them a proper name, but still animal-related (loved Vulture, kind of Voltaire).
    • I'd make Jaga Claudus’ advisor and TCs trainer.
    • Grunn was the army's captain. I would make him poison Jaga because he was always jealous of his closeness to the King. Then Grunn gets exiled and joins the Mutants. So yes, a TC among the Mutants (after all, the Cats are as mutant as any other animal, right?)
    • Lynx-o, Jaga's first pupil and next in the TC line, gets Jaga's position: he gets in charge of the TCs training.
    • Lion-o: I would have him older, and would make him more self-secure, not the "journey boy" every show presents. Too much Luke Skywalker, Prince Adam, etc. Let him make the difference.
    • I would make Pumyra and Lynx-o noble TCs from the start (no Bengali. Sorry, there's only room for one tiger in my head). All of them might be close in age, even Lion-o. Only Pumyra and the kittens might be younger (Pumyra an older teen, the kittens around 13).
    • Show some more cats training for TC (I like Lady Ocelis' idea of an ocelot).
    • I would give each of the noble TC a special trait and power. Cheetara would keep her speed and sixth sense; Tygra would have his intelligence and mental power (which doesn’t "drain him off"); Panthro the strength and something else that makes him special, same with the kittens. Pumyra would have agility and some special gift as well (maybe her alleged healing knowledge form the OS, but would turn it into a "naturalistic" knowledge, so whuile Tygra would be the science-guy, Pumyra would be his coutner-balance and that could create arguments between them), and I'd give her a bow. As part of the TC training, I would show all of them struggling with their powers and abilities, learning to control them (not the trait -speed, strength, intelligence… that is inherent to a Cats’ clan- but their power: sixth sense, mental power, etc).
    • Same for the Mutants: each of them gets a special trait. I loved Kenyar's sense of smell, for example.
    • I'd keep a relationship. Of course I root for Cheetygra, but their love is forbidden and so on and so on, then Lion-o changes ther ule and allows their relationship.
    • The TCs journey might be different: after Grunn kills Jaga and is discovered and exiled, and he joins the Mutants, they ally with Mumm-Ra (much against their will, thinking of using and betraying him afterwards). Claudus and Lea (still alive) get killed. Mumm-Ra then governs and enslaves the Cats -and plans to do so over the other animals- and the TCs, commanded by Lion-o go after the BoO, while Lynx-o remained in Thundera with a small contingent of cats opposing Mumm-Ra. For example, the ocelot didn’t finish his training, so he stays with Lynx-o. Just 3 or 4 (kind of Jabu and the others in Saint Seiya).
    • Mumm-ra would be a supervillian.
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  10. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    Very nice changes there. ;)
  11. Rizefall

    Rizefall Swedish Meatball

    I would not really change much from the 11 series. I think that story overall was very great (even the characters) but the writers did not do it justice in the long run.

    But if i were to change anything. I'd make it to Kit and Kat were just 2-3 years younger than Lion-O and make Lion-O a little bit older.
  12. T-Cat

    T-Cat Mutant

    You want the ThunderCats to be like X-Men with love interest and superpowers?

    I thought your way of Lion-O was interesting and new, but I think the best part of the series is that we grew with Lion-O throughout the show with his trials and lessons
  13. Gold Lion

    Gold Lion Great Void Dweller

    When it comes to Lion-O I think it's important to stay true to the spirit of the original. Lion-O was a child in a man's body, and had to adjust to the sudden changes that come with being an adult, which also goes with his suddenly becoming the new king. 2011 Lion-O's story is simpler, with him having to become king much earlier than he expected, rather than a sudden age increase.

    Lion-O's character isn't just about growing up, but having to grow up quickly. The OS never quite touches on it, but Lion-O had his childhood taken from him. 2011 Lion-O started out with a strong sense of morals and idealism, but he was still kind of a carefree guy. Sure, he was pressured to be more responsible, but when Claudus died, that responsibility was then forcibly thrust upon him. Lion-O may not have been ready for it, and it shows, but he also didn't back down from it when it was his time.

    So, one possible way to do Lion-O is to make him older, and make him a warrior hero like Mark M suggested. However, even then he could still be a carefree idealist not yet ready to actually lead people. Even if he is a competent warrior, he should still falter when it comes to other responsibilities, at least at first.

    Another big part of 2011 Lion-O's character was his vision and seeing the races uniting and living peacefully together, which ties into the overarching theme of the series. I would definitely want a new version of Lion-O to have this metaphorical Sight Beyond Sight, but that would depend on if the story was about uniting the races, which I hope it would. I feel that making the mutants into just other animal races and having that plot and theme was a great addition to the franchise.
  14. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Exactly. Although as much as I like the idea of him being a child in a man's body like the OS they would have to explain and show how Claudis and Jaga etc trained him.

    Grune is a very interesting character. I really liked the '11 series portrayl of him and the back story with Panthro. But I think if they incorporated and expanded on his back story from the OS it would be brilliant. HOw his marauders savaged Thundera and his and Jaga's epic one on one battle.
    Grune goes mad with power and thinks he should be the rightful ruler as the sabre-toothed clan where the original rulers before their race dwindled. Especially since Claudis is no longer fit to lead due to his blindness. He forms his Marauders from Mutant prisioners, aliens and some other thundarians. Leading to the end of his friendship with Panthro and a confrontation with his former commander Jaga.

    I didn't like the whole cleric thing. I can see by Jaga having some magic but I preferred him as Claudis' second in command and acting commander due to Claudis blindness from his battle with Ratilla or Ratar-O.
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  15. Gold Lion

    Gold Lion Great Void Dweller

    Looking back, I think the whole stasis chamber thing to turn Lion-O into a man in the OS may have been a bad idea in the long run, because it seemed like a whole bunch of inconsistencies could have been avoided in later episodes without it. At times it seems like the writers forgot that it took about a decade for the Cats to reach Third Earth from Thundera.

    I'm actually reminded of that test animation for the canceled ThunderCats movie a while ago, which showed a Lion-O with a similar personality to the one we've described, as brief as it was.

    I do really like 2011 Lion-O having a sort of anti-warrior mentality, because I think that made him more unique as far as main protagonists go. Just to compare and contrast, I think of Korra from Legend of Korra to be bold, heroic, and very skilled, but she came with her own set of flaws to balance it out. I might do a more thorough comparison at some point.

    I still think Lion-O was skilled and heroic and had his bold moments, just that he got in over his head sometimes, and a big chunk of his development was getting over the idea that he had to act like a warrior to be a good leader, which ties into his own insecurities. That was very much tied into the 2011 series' overall theme, so those personality traits work best when used with that type of plot. I felt like it made him relatable anyway. In a different type of story though, warrior Lion-O may work better.

    As for villains, I think the only one I would really change would be Monkian/Addicus. In some ways I like Monkian a bit more. Monkian always struck me as being secretly the most competent of the Mutants, but his own general laziness held him back. He got treated like the dumbest, but probably had the most common sense. Slithe had anger issues, Jackalman was cowardly, and Vulterman was arrogant. I remember the episode where they steal the Cats' weapons, and I was expecting Monkian to hit himself in the head with Panthro's 'chuks, but was surprised when he didn't and showed some skill with them.

    Addicus and Kaynar were scary to be sure, but at the same time I kind of felt like making their personalities into plain sociopaths made them a bit generic. It really depends on the tone though, and they fit what the 2011 was going for better than what their OS counterparts would have. I'd still probably make Kaynar/Jackalman like he was in 2011, if only because I like that more than a sneaky coward.
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  16. Rizefall

    Rizefall Swedish Meatball

    Felt like Kaynar tried to be this shows Joker and Addicus.. God that voice just felt off to me.

    I liked them for what they were but i think we did not get to see enough of them as we perhaps should. Obviously that would have been different if the show would have gotten it second and final season but still.
  17. T-Cat

    T-Cat Mutant

    I LOVED Vultureman's Avista episodes, I thought it was spot on and very creative!

    Not sure if those episodes where inspired by Star Wars but it was awesome!

    Also I would give the Planet Plundarr a more descriptive origin where Slithe, Jackalman and Monkian come from.

    It's so much untapped potential in the ThunderCats universe as far as bringing everything together, just needs that creative writer IMO or maybe that would be me :)
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  18. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    You're right on that one. "ThunderCats," as a franchise, has a lot of potential that still needs to be revealed.
  19. Tygra_Rules

    Tygra_Rules Thunderian Legend

    Not like X-Men.

    In the OS, Cheetara had the speed and the sixth sense, so it'd be nothing new. I just suggested the speed should be inherit to her clan (cheetah) and the sixth sense what set her apart from her clan. Smae with Tygra and the intelligence (clan trait) and mental power (personal trait).

    For Panthro I'd think of a personal trait, as strenght would be what the panther (or jaguar?) clan was known for. Same for the kittens and Pumyra; they could have the cunning and agility from their clans, repectively,a nd would look for something that set them apart and was determinant in them being annointed as TC. In Pumyra it could be her knowldge and relation with nature.
  20. Dragon78

    Dragon78 Barbarian

    I wouldn't change much really.

    I would like to have 5 years past between season 2 and 3 if the show had lasted more then 1 season.

    Season 2 would were they would have defeated Mumm-ra, season 3 would introduce other old school villains like the Luna Attacks.

    Also season 3 would have a New Thundera or at least a Cat's Lair type set-up.

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