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Discussion in 'ThunderCats (2011)' started by T-Cat, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. srebak

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    Well, isn't this the freakiest thing? That's actually what i had planned for my fanfiction continuity
  2. Daremonger

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    Hi, srebak! :)
  3. T-Cat

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    Agreed! I would make Kit and Kat the jokesters of the group, but a little more reckless and ambitious when they do battle as they fear no one!
  4. Lordore

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    My main concern for the New Series and the next season would be to see Lion-O rise up to the challenge and act more like the Lord of the Thundercats, the rest of the team would respect him more.

    Season 1 was a stepping stone. I loved how the writers treated him as a young cub naive and unfledged, but showing potential to take the mantle on his hands.
    For me this approach spread to most part of season 1 and towars the last episodes, Lion-O proved he is the rightful heir to the Thundrcats legacy. Season's 2 Lion-o would be totally different to season 1. His position as the Lord of the Thundercats would have been stabilized resembling us the old cartoon vibe.
  5. Rizefall

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    I would not mind a time-skip here as well. "Season's 2 Lion-o would be totally different to season 1". Just makes it so everyone looks and acts a little different and also makes it so stories between S1 and S2 could be told in other mediums, or perhaps a spin-off show later on.

    Not saying the idea is perfect by any means, but i would not mind it if it were to happen. The end os S1 to me seemed like the start of something bigger, and i think S1 had it's pacing issues. Cut to the chase and make it so we get right into the action this time then (not ignoring and putting story aside of course). It takes time to build up an army, and that's what the time-skip could skip and that could be told in cool flashback stories or as a comic (or other ideas like mentioned above) and get right back into them getting the stones from Mumm-Ra.

    I'm going to rewatch the show someday and give my thoughts on how the should would continue. Hopefully we can discuss this further then. I'm one of the few very passionate fans of this incarnation of the Thundercats and i will always regard it highly.
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  6. thebritwriter

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    I enjoyed that the show added depth and tried to be mature, the first thing I would had demanded that there be a higher standard of choreography, mainly the action scenes. The pilot showed a good level of scope of battle such as the siege by the lizard army (Personally I haven't seen an attempt to create a big closeup battle since galaxy rangers 'Armada' 60% of the episode dedicated to a space invasion and assault on earth)

    So i can't accuse TC2011 at the time for being lazy however the sword fights and one and one combat were 'cheap' a lot of lion-O's attacks till much later in the show were just spamming out the sword of omens.

    I would had ditched the pymura character and 'twist' it was obvious and even at that point i though they might be clever with it, but they never were.

    The first thing i would do is include better sword fights or other close combat, I thought the duel between lion-O and mumm-Ra in the last episode was very good and should had been the standard the series should had started with, had they did that it would had been followed even more.

    However in blatant contradiction I would review the idea if the show should have had a high budget to begin with, while I think kids have no problem following shows with dark tones (eg would be teen titans the fights between robin and slade were not 'gentle') it was hugely successful, but it followed on during the jutstice league and was in the period of Bruce Timm's DC projects, so it had a good standing ground to begin with. And ultimately no matter how many dark points it had they never let any of it sacrifice the traits of the character, such as turning tygra into someone who is very nearly resentful (and of course what they planned to have him do to pymura or the fact on pymura's character in general)

    Thundercats had to stand on it's own, I think the long term idea for it would had been to used TC as spinoff's for other shows like silverhawk etc And maybe a new generation of Thundercats once Lion-O beat Mumm-Ra and had to be weighed at what is popular on TV at the moment. In all honesty I think a darker TC made a good story but not a marketable one, and my interest would be to see if 1 in every four kids and teens were buying a TC backpack or whatever then to hit all the nostalgia marks.
  7. Casshern

    Casshern Junior Member

    They made a mistake with sudio4 C and had bad luck because in that year Japan suffered a huge earthquake. Studio Bones was the best choice and the action choreographer could be Yutaka Nakamura.

    This show was perfect for Masahiro Andoh, the director of Sword of the Stranger and in a perfect world the staff would be the same. I would change the character designs and the story for a more sophisticated approach also.
  8. Daremonger

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    The 2011 "ThunderCats" series could've used Sakuga animators like the two you mentioned just now. :)
  9. Mark M

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    I am not a big fan of the 2011 series but I recently downloaded the full series to watch. I watched the first two episodes. The only thing I really liked about it is the backgrounds and some of the animation. Some of the voice casting was also very good, but aside from that there is little else I can really say I like about.
  10. Rizefall

    Rizefall Swedish Meatball

    IF anything i think the pilot was one of the best parts of the new show. Got me really hooked as to what would happen with later episodes.
  11. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I used to think it was the best of the entire series. However I am currently watching through the entire series and making some rough notes on the episodes and giving them a grade out of 10. The 2 part pilot I have marked together as a 5/10 as for all the good things there seemed to be an equal amount of bad things. Oddly enough there are some surprising episodes I marked quite higher than it. In fact I found myself liking some I originally really disliked.
  12. Dragon78

    Dragon78 Barbarian

    Any examples of those episodes you didn't like originally but like now Mark M?
  13. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    'Survival of the Fittest' would probably be the best example so far. I marked it an 8/10. I didn't give it a perfect score as I didn't think it needed to be done in flashbacks and that it doesn't really relate to the on going story.

    Originally I disliked it for it's lack of action and not doing anything for the on going story.

    However the other night when I watched it I found it to be a really charming story. If you take away the Thundercats element Kit and Kats origin story could quite easily work as the beginning for a Studio Ghibli or Disney movie.
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  14. Rizefall

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    I will do that sometime later as well. Gladly come back to this thread when that happens.
  15. Mark M

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    I think I will start a new thread to discuss my new thoughts on the 2011 series.

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