If you were to write a character-centered episode...

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    Considering how eager Monkian and Jackalman were to meet "Myrna, the female mutant", I'd guess that they weren't exactly studs back on Plun-Darr.
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    That's actually a very good point. Like if they couldn't use it, what plans could they have had for the eye?
    It's not as though they needed to destroy it to wipe out the Thundarians and take over Thundera as they killed most in the Exodus of Thundera then the majority of the others died when Thundera was destroyed.
    Other shows had good reason for the bad guys being evil and their plans.
    In MOTU Skeletor wanted into Castle Greyskull to learn the magic and powers of the elders of Eternia.
    Megatron in Transformers wanted to conquer earth and take all the energon back to Cybertron.
    Then guys like Shredder, V.E.N.O.M. and Cobra etc all wanted to take over the world.
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    Two ideas (the first one with 2 options):

    1a) I have always imagined an episode in which TCs and Mutants & Mumm-Ra decide to compete and settle things for once in a"losers leave Third Earth for good" competition, like in Challenge of the Superfriends' "The Final Challenge". No tricks or weapons allowed. I pictured each Mutant going against a TC only to set the score 2-2 (of course, the Mutants cheat in the ones they win) so Lion-O defeats Mumm-Ra at the end. The only thing I didn't like about that is that, knowing the writers' minds, the TCs set to lose their tests would have been Tygra and the kittens, and that would have made me mad (God forbids a female character losing against a male in the 80s -even now, to be honest- and of course mighty Panthro can't lose... and we all know how writers seemed to feel about Tygra; it would have been a nice change if it was Panthro the one to lose his "trial" though).

    1b) A variant of that could have been to have Mumm-Ra defy Lion-O, but he would get all the Mutants abilities (if there were some), just like when in Transformers Megatron went against Optimus Prime but Megatron first got every otehr Decepticon power in him.

    2) I'm sure I posted this in anotehr thread where the Lunataks were discussed and the idea of a teen Lunatak arised. Imagine this teen misfit fleeding the Lunataks because they never take him/her seriously (and he/she usually proved to be right at the end) and joining forces with the thunderkittens, who feel exactly the same way. By the end, of course, each one gets back to their gang, but a bond grew between them (which, of course, would be forgotten by the next episode because, you know, continuity wasn't the writers' sterength LOL).
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    Good ideas and of course in the end the baddies don't leave third earth anyway because status quo is God and Mumm-Ra's not allowed to leave anyway since his bosses won't let him.
    As for the Mutants they pretend to leave and simply circle the planet once and then return to castle plun-dar.
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    100% right LOL
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