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    This is an excert cut-out from email correspondense that i had with a woman who works at panini , i know alot of you think you have to resort to ebay and piece these collections together piece by piece im here to tell you that is not necesserily the case.

    I decided to write and ask them, if by any chance they had stuff still in stock that wasnt showing up on the website , and the response i got was quite surprising , turns out PANINI still has sets of pretty much every single collection they have ever put out and its just a matter of emailing and asking to start the order process , collections are around 50 euro (MINT album + full set of stickers) plus includes worldwide shipping with tracking by FEDEX or DHL.

    Subject: I: I: Information about shipping fees
    Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 14:20:22 +0100

    Thanks for your telephone call. You are talking absolutely to fast for my poor English knowledge. : ))

    Here are the answers:
    Thundercats, Voltron, Bravestarr are in the USA version.

    By Pay Pal & invoice it is not possible. We accept only the anticipated payment. However if you wish, it is possible to pay by a credit card.
    You should be so kind to supply me (per e-mail or fax) all details of your credit card: name, number and expiry date + the 3 lasts digit of the check code.
    We will charge your card and than we will send you the collections.

    And here is the availability of other collections:
    • Transformers 1986 – (Versions available: E, F, GB, NL) – 30 Euro
    • M.a.s.k – 1986 - (Vers. Belgium – available online at 23 Euro)
    • M.a.s.k – 1986 - (Versions available: D, F, GB, IT) – 30 Euro
    • Jem – 1987 - (Versions available: F, IT) – 30 Euro
    • Snorks – 1985 - (Vers. F – available online at 20.50 Euro)
    • Cobra - 1986 - (Versions available: F) – 30 Euro
    • Galaxy Rangers - 1988 - (Vers. F – available online at 20.50 Euro)
    • Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors - 1986 - (Versions available: F) – 30 Euro
    • Rainbow Brite - 1987 - (Vers. E – available online at 20.50 Euro)
    • Rainbow Brite - 1987 - (Vers. D) – 30 Euro
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    ....not sure I'd want to supply my credit card details via email...;)

    If they are available they really should be on the website!
  3. brb2009

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    you can ofc fax or call aswell , and for some reason this is discontinued stock as such it wont be featured on the website. i dont understand why either myself but i bought stuff on three separate occasions last year with zero problems what so ever.

    also most countrys offer different kinds of "secure" internet transactions , like for instance here in sweden we can make temporary creditcard numbers basicly , we decide how much should be avaliable for withdrawal , expiration date , and then a temporary virtual cc is generated.
  4. Mark / Grizzlor

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    WOW. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
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    I won't trust sending my credit card infos through e-mail or fax.
    I've seen some photos through the Internet interiorly and exteriorly as well but not the whole part of the Panini Thundercats album. I'm seriously interested in purchasing the sticker album sometime in the future(i hope there's any left),it's going to be an important additon. Until then, i was wondering if Blackiecats has uploaded the scanned pages for the site?


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