Introducing: Introduction of MrBlue (The Netherlands)

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    Short introduction of 'MrBlue'

    The name is Jan from the Netherlands and - surprise surprise - I like the Thundercats.

    I'm referring here to the 1980's. I grow up with these and I still love it.
    I'm not known with the 2011 series (yet).

    Primarily I'm collecting LJN toys from the 1980's. I'm restricting myself too this because only then my hoarding habit will be bit manageable.

    I'm not that long busy now, but I'm starting to make some progress.

    When it comes to collecting, I have a certain standard of quality.
    I'll just pass on the cheaper ones with too much cracks, folds etc.

    If you may have some Thundercats in good or excellent condition, you like to sell; contact me.


    Jan :liono
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  2. Daremonger

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    Hi there, MrBlue. Welcome!
  3. adssse

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    Hello and welcome to the boards!
  4. Wilycub

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    Welcome, MrBlue! :)

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