Jackalman Arrival Thread

Discussion in 'Mattel ThunderCats Toys' started by Alluro Fan, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. ThunDerianRoyalGuard

    ThunDerianRoyalGuard Site Admin TC.org Staff

    I paid for mine last week.
  2. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator TC.org Staff

    And still 3 days later, Jackalman has not sold out :jackalman I think he may be noticeably upset by this.
    PS: I saw in his bio on the Matty Collector site that he comes packaged with Slithe's axe. Did anybody notice that? "He comes armed with his club and an axe from the evil Slithe." :slithe
  3. Alluro Fan

    Alluro Fan Glass Walker

    Makes you wonder that if Super 7 releases Slithe next year if he will have Jackalman's club.
  4. ninja cat

    ninja cat Staff Web Guru TC.org Staff

    Very interesting...I thought you first ment the bio on Jackalmans box...then I read the website. Nice catch. Hopefully that means Slithe is coming in the future.
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  5. Berserker

    Berserker Glass Walker

    I think the main reason we are getting Slithe's axe with Jackalman is because of a cost saving measure when it would have come time for Mattel to release Slithe. Jackalman uses a lot of shared parts and was probably cheaper for Mattel to produce. Slithe would be a completely new sculpt and have a high cost. The figures are made and approved based on individual price so likely a tactic to not have an inflated price for the eventual figure. This would ensure we would get the proper accessories and on top of that Jackalman did use the axe in the toon.
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  6. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator TC.org Staff

    LOL I doubt that - I mean, Jackalman already comes with his own club. I think Berserker has a very valid point - that's perhaps one of the reasons he comes with it - and of course, the fact that he used it in one of the episodes.
  7. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    It's really odd he still hasn't sold out.
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  8. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    Nah. It's a nod to Jackalman using the axe in the episode 'Jackalman's Rebellion' as the 4H often do things like this by adding an extra weapon or artifact. Each year is budgeted separately and 100% new tools are paid for by the shared parts in that same year/wave. Just like we got the 100% newly tooled Mumm-Ra in his decayed form this year :)

    If Super7 follow the same rules as Mattel we will probably get one brand new parts figure from every 6 figure wave.
  9. Booshman

    Booshman Thunderian Legend

    I think it's one likely that as much as the 4HM say they're big fans, they've not seen it for years, they remember liking it but have very little in the way of real knowledge of the shows details. Seeing in interviews they are really on the ball with MOTU, not so much with thundercats. That goes for the interviewers too.
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  10. Berserker

    Berserker Glass Walker

    It's not completely out of the realm of logic. Parts were cut due to cost several times during the run on Classics. How many times did we hear Scott say that they would like to include a specific accessory but wasn't sure it would happen due to cost? I do agree that special items were included as a nod to the cartoon but to give a figure an exact weapon that another figure will potentially come with seems kind of redundant.
  11. Roadpigjohn

    Roadpigjohn Laser Beast

    Amazing... And this figures looks way more accurate (Close to perfection) than Lion-O...
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  12. Thunderpants

    Thunderpants Junior Member

    I never had the LJN figure, and just looked him up. Wow is that figure an awful representation.
    That being said, the mutants were always what was left on the pegs in the '80s during the initial run. This is no surprise really.
  13. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    Yeah looking at them now compared to the Mattel Jackalman, they really were awful attempts. I think to have any interest in them now you had to have owned them as a kid or be a very hardcore ThunderCats fan as an adult to want to collect them.
  14. KosmoKat

    KosmoKat Junior Member

    Yo wrong bro. Subscribing months before, paying around $40 for a figure, that is somethng very hardcore fans do. Lotta people buy the ljn Jackelman. Don't mean they all are very hardcore fans. I never owned them as a kid and I have bought two at a cheaper price than this new Jackelman.
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  15. ThunDerianRoyalGuard

    ThunDerianRoyalGuard Site Admin TC.org Staff

    Really? Awful? I dont agree with that at all. Sure, they were big, colorful, only 5 POA, ya know - toys, and some are better than others, but overall the LJN figures are pretty acurate. And Mutants were pegwarmers? And Mattel's Jackelman hasnt sold out yet, because the vintage Mutants were pegwarmers? I dont believe that is true what so ever.. What are you basing this statement on?
  16. Alluro Fan

    Alluro Fan Glass Walker

    Yeah I don't agree with this either. I was way too young to remember back then, but I have a hard time believing that the majority of the first year's villains were collecting dust on pegs.
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  17. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    From my vague recollection the peg warmers in my area were Tuska Warrior, Hachiman and Rataro.
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  18. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    The Mattel Jackalman is made in a very small quantity (like MOTUC as Mattel cant risk the line failing at retail etc) compared to the hundreds of thousands LJN produced.

    I don't recall seeing any peg warming here, they all sold very well. I only recall seeing odd ones on shelves now and then in the early 90's.
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  19. Wilycub

    Wilycub Staff Writer and Artist TC.org Staff

    A friend of mine told me how back in the 80s one toy shop in her city had so many unsold Tongue-A-Saurus that they kept a clearance sale, selling them at half price. If only people back then knew the astronomical price they go for today!! :)
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  20. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    It's amazing some of the stuff from the 80's and early 90's that could still be found in some places until the early 2000's.
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