James Cameron returning to the "Terminator" franchise.

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    It's not going to happen earlier than 2019 when the rights revert back to Cameron, and he won't be directing.

    Here is the full article: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-e...r-arnold-schwarzenegger-genisys-a7540526.html

    As much as I love the first two Terminator movies, I feel that the franchise ended with the second one. It has been going steeply downhill since then. It's going to be really hard for Cameron and co. to bring the series back on track after the debacle that was "Terminator Genisys", and people aren't too crazy about reboots in general.
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    I like the first two Terminator movies but I haven't bothered with any of the sequels. I don't think they should bother with anymore sequels. The new Alien movie looks to just be a remake/reboot of the first movie.
    Its odd how Terminator and Aliens are similar in the first movie being a horror/thriller and the second movies being an all out action movie.
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    Yes, I too had noticed that similarity between the first two movies in the Terminator and Alien franchise. I guess it is the most logical progression. The first movie will always try to maintain some aura of mystery and suspense surrounding the titular "villain". it would be redundant to do the same in the sequel as the audience already know about the villain. So best to just go all out. The same approach was also used in "Jaws 2", a very underrated sequel in my humble opinion. :)

    The first Terminator is still my favorite. It had great pacing and it was a very original concept. The sequel, while a very good movie, does drag quite a bit in places. The special effects were amazing though. The third was pretty bad, pretty much a rehash of the second, but with a lot of unnecessary humor. They turned Arnie's character from a ruthless killer cyborg into a clown! The fourth didn't feel like a Terminator movie to me. Some of the bots in it looked right out of Transformers! :biggrin

    The fifth one is probably the most hated installment in the franchise but I for one didn't despise it that much. First and foremost, it had Arnie back as the Terminator. That was a big plus for me. Let's face it, without him, the franchise is not the same. The basic story concept was also quite decent. I think the biggest problem with "Terminator Genisys" was the terrible miscasting. Sarah Connor, John Connor and Kyle Reese, the three main characters were all miscast.

    Again, I don't know how they can revive the franchise. I mean how many times are they going to do the same story over and over? Skynet sending a Terminator to kill John/Sarah Connor while the resistance send someone to protect him/her.
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    I completely agree. The sequel does drag on quite a bit. It has some good scenes but as an overall fil it is nowhere near as good as the first Terminator movie.
    It will be interesting to see how the next Conan movies turns out with Arnie reprising his role as Conan.
    You kind of have to think though...when they had the technology to send someone back in time and to save John/ technically couldn't they have just went back and put a stop to Skynet. ;) That's why I have such dislike for time travel movies. Too many plot holes.
    Miscasting hurts a lot of films. Like Channing Tatum in G.I. Joe as Duke....mind you the casting for the whole film leaved a lot to be desired. Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and Scarlett were fine. Then the issues with the script.
    I heard the Sarah Connor Chronicles was good but just like the sequel movies 3,4,5 I haven't seen it. 4 seems to be more famous for the Christian Bale incident on set than the actual film.
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    I'm glad that I found at least one person who prefers the first Terminator over the second one. :biggrin A lot of people immediately say that the second one is better without actually thinking and comparing the two. Sure, the second one was bigger, louder, more expensive, visually stunning, but that does not necessarily make it the best.

    I totally get what you mean about time travel movies. There are always too many plot holes and unanswered questions that sometimes it can become hard to ignore them all and just enjoy the movie. I still cannot accept some of the theories that people have come up with to explain how Kyle Reese, a soldier from the future sent by John Connor, can be Connor's father. That just doesn't compute with me. But in a more comedic film like "Back to the Future", plot holes aren't that big of a problem because the tone of the film itself is lighter.

    Hahaha! :laugh You are right, "Terminator Salvation" was mainly known for the on set "incident" involving Bale. I was not too thrilled about the casting of that movie either. Bale was cast because he had become popular thanks to the Nolan Batman movie and Sam Worthington was also considered the next big thing back then. I wonder where he is now as he seems to have disappeared completely.

    I didn't like "TS" very much because it kind of deviated from the core essence of the Terminator franchise, which was a futuristic unstoppable cyborg sent to the past. A futuristic entity in the present time creates interesting conflicts. But in TS the whole story is set in the future. So futuristic people fighting futuristic technology is just not that appealing. It would be like "Transformers" taking place entirely on Cybertron. There's nothing relatable for the audience then.
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  6. Booshman

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    I'm in the camp of preferring Terminator 1 over 2, and Alien over Aliens. All great movies, but the originals edge out the sequels for me.
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  7. Mark M

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    I agree but with Alien and Aliends they are basically two different genre movies. The first being a horror/thriller and the sequel being a sci-fi action movie.
    I get what you mean. Although I think a sequel in the future would work if it was done with the same cast from the first movie around the same time...not years later with different people playing their roles.
    As a Transformer fan I have to slightly disagree with you. Doing the first movie on Cybertron definitely would not have been a good idea. As you said there would have been nothing for the audience to relate to. That was the whole appeal of Transformers, being able to change into everyday vehicles and objects. That's the same dilemma the cartoon and toys faced. They could keep going just having robots turn into cars and planes all the time. The had to have a bit of diversity with dinosaurs, animals, weapons, space vehicles etc. Also doing episodes in space and different planets helped build the Transformers story.
    Since they have already had so many movies set on earth I think a movie now set on Cyberton would work quite well. After the first movie they are all basically the same thing anyway so Michael Bay doing the same thing again with the Cybertron backgrounds would be a nice change.
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    Totally agree. The originals had a very "raw" quality to them while the sequels seemed a bit too "polished".

    Yeah, that would have been a different story altogether. The original cast are always a good start for any sequel, which is why it is preferable to make sequels soon rather than later. With "TS", the new robots introduced did feel way over the top. There's motorcycle robots and giant Transformer type robots and a lot of other crazy stuff. If Skynet really just wants to eliminate all humans, why bother creating dozens of different robots to search every nook and cranny for every human? Why not just detonate a nuke or some toxic nerve gas or something that would eliminate all the humans no matter where they are? Isn't that what people do when they fumigate their houses or workplaces? You don't go looking for every single cockroach! :D

    What I meant was if after the first couple of Transformer movies, all the remaining ones would take place on Cybertron only. Sorry, I guess I should have phrased my point better. Switching between locations is definitely a good way to bring variety, as you pointed out. With a TV series, that is easier to do as you can have one or two episodes in a completely different location and then return back to earth. With a movie, it's a bit difficult. Maybe if they did it half in the past/half in the future.

    Like if "TS" had been really successful and they wanted to do a sequel, then that too would have had to be in the future and so the series would have just remained in the future where pretty much most of human, plant and animal life is gone. So even if the humans win they already have lost too much. But with the ones set in the past/present time, there's a real struggle to prevent Judgement Day. That's more exciting than trying to survive the aftermath of Judgement Day.
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    I should have also pointed out that one of the biggest reasons TF fans wanted a movie set on Cybertron was due to the fact this would totally limit how much screen time the human actors would have. ;) The TF had so little screen time or real character development in the Bay movies.
  10. Wilycub

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    The Bay Transformer movies should have been called "All About Sam" Part 1, 2, and 3. :biggrin
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    Definitely the inspiration for 'The April O'Neil Story'. ;)

    Speaking of Terminator. The first and second films are very iconic. So iconic in fact that a couple weeks ago at New Japan Pro Wrestling's biggest wrestling event, Wrestle Kingdom 11, Kenny Omega wore a Terminator inspired outfit for his entrance. Also at one point during the match, The Young Bucks, the two guys in his corner slapped/drummed the Terminator theme music on the ring mat.
    The match is amazing and has become know as one of the greatest wrestling matches ever. Here are some highlights.
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  12. Mark M

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    Off subject but here is the full match if you want to watch it. :D

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