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  1. kzlambert

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    As a child, one concept which caught my imagination was Jurassic Park. I loved the story, the general concept, the special effects and loved the action figures.

    The original Jurassic Park was quite a fresh film unlike anything I had seen before. Although quite late discovering it, I was instantly hooked. Seeing dinoasurs in this way was very exciting for me at this age.

    Still besotted by the film, I became glued to Lost World upon its released. The film really got me interested In CGI graphics and 3D modeling. I had a behind the scenes video which I loved. I really liked the way art and sculpture combined with mechanics, computers and technology were used to produce the illusion of real dinosaurs. (Anyway thats not the point..:duh: ) Although I found it amazing when I was little.. I watch it now and can see that the storyline was not quite as strong as the original.

    As with many I was disapointed with Jurassic Park 3 and felt it to be an unnecessary instalment of the series. It was predictable and areas of the plot were really poor (OH NO we are stranded on an island of dinosaurs again!! :scratching: ) (OH NO the plane has crashed we are stuck :scratching: ) etc...

    With plans for the fourth Jurassic beinning to take shape, I have mixed views as to whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

    I would like to hear your views on your favourite film from the series, where it went wrong and how, if possible, they could get things back on track with a fourth..???
  2. Mark / Grizzlor

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    I too loved Jurassic Park. I first found out about it when it was a novel in fifth grade. My friend told me about it and while on a plane trip, I read the entire book. Now, the novel of course is a bit different from the film adaptation, but both versions are amazing. The story was brilliant and I when I heard that Michael Crichton was writing a sequel. I was ecstatic.

    I read the Lost World novel first and like I imagined, it was awesome. Then the movie came out and well...there were a lot more differences from the book. I liked the book moreso than the film this time around.

    Then the third movie came out and yes, I was very disappointed. I knew at this point that they were milking this franchise...and the milk was running low.

    I've heard of rumors for a fourth installment, but nothing has been set. I did hear that some members from the first movie were coming back and that they were going to go back to the "basics" whatever that means.

    Unless Michael Crichton is heavily involved in the script, I'd rather they not do another Jurassic Park movie.
  3. kzlambert

    kzlambert Illustrator & Animator TC.org Staff

    I did it the other way around and had the same feeling.. I felt the book added so much more to my experience of the film... I can imagine it being not as good the other way around..

    In terms of rumours for JP4...getting back to the basics was one theory... They were mentioning going back to how it all began looking at Ingen as a company....

    I also read a really wacky out there plot where they train the Dinosaurs to use weapons...:yikes: That would be RUBBISH
  4. optimusprime

    optimusprime Moderator

    well i guess to you guys im goin to be strange, i loved the first movie and i liked the second one. i hated the second
  5. kzlambert

    kzlambert Illustrator & Animator TC.org Staff

    I'm guessing thats a typo.. I was a little harsh on JP3...I do have it on DVD with the other two and I do watch it...I just think it misses something the original and the second had..

    I think that Ian Malcom (Geff Goldblum) contibutes a level of humour missing from 3. I hope they don't go mental with new characters and Dinos in JP4...
  6. optimusprime

    optimusprime Moderator

    yes yer right i liked the third hated the second, damn i guess thats what happens when u post and your tired:eyepopping:
  7. Tygra

    Tygra Thunderian Legend

    I also read something like that. Someone trains dinos to fly planes and use weapons or something. :shock:
  8. kzlambert

    kzlambert Illustrator & Animator TC.org Staff

    You have got to read this..

    I just found the document containing the proposed plot for the trained dinosaurs theory.. To put some of these comments in context...The writer of this commentary has just read the plot and is basically summarising what he has read...

    For me...its a no

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