He-Man Kevin Smith Announces Anime 'He-Man' Series for Netflix

Discussion in 'Other Cartoons & Collectables' started by Wilycub, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. Wilycub

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  2. Mark M

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    This is going to be awesome. A new series and a new toy line available at mass retail that also has a cross over with WWE toys. :D
    The Master of the Universe Origins toys are out next year but the WWE Masters of the WWE Universe are out later this year.
    What's really awesome is that the figures can be fully disassembled at the head, shoulders, waist and boots so you can mix and match and customise characters.
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  3. Wilycub

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  4. Mark M

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    It sounds awesome. I hope later characters from the toyline that didn't appear in the original Filmation cartoon can appear in it and also maybe even some of the New Adventures and Powers of Greyskull characters. :biggrin
  5. Daremonger

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    I've heard about this new series through Twitter™. I'm a little cautious about it. Despite it being a continuation of the classic He-Man and the Masters of the Universe™ cartoon, I worry that some executive meddling will be involved. I sure wouldn't wanna be disappointed by the new show.

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