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    Title:Birthday Surprise
    Author: Lady Ocelli
    Status: work in progress
    Summary: A certain cross-clan Thunderian gets a long overdue gift.
    Pairing(s): Lord Lion-O and Lady Ocelli are married, Tygra and Felina, possibly Panthro and Xendara.
    Rating: PG
    Genre(s): Het romance is the closest I can think of.
    Warnings: There are references to another fanfiction Lord Slithor and I are still working on. This story takes place about 11 years after "The Book of Omens".
    Disclaimer: I am writing this for fun and not for profit. I have no claim over the official characters.
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    “Are you sure you’re up for this Ocelli?”

    “I’m fine Lion-O. I’ve been resting most of the day so we’d be able to do this tonight.”

    Lion-O shook his head as he adjusted the dark Tyrian purple tie that was part of his tuxedo. Last year he was more concerned with Thundera’s infrastructure than his personal life. These days, his two biggest concerns were the nursery Tygra and Panthro were creating and the health of his wife and their unborn cub.

    She walked over to him wearing a high-wasted elegant maternity dress the same color as his tie. Pregnancy had given curves to her formerly kittenish figure as well as the glow Felina had mentioned. She smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror while stroking her belly. Then she grinned at him and added, “as long as I’ve known Xendara, she’s rarely had a pleasant surprise. Also, since we never knew when her actual birthday was, we usually celebrated the anniversary of her adoption by Peregren.”

    Comprehension flowed through him as he nodded, “I can’t imagine what it must have been for her. It must have made her feel weird not knowing it.”

    She gave her husband an approving nod then checked her reflection. “When she finds out Panthro saved the birth announcement Lynxondo and Shiegra sent him all those years ago,” she flashed him a grin as bright as the stars she loved to gaze at night.

    They were the last to get into the luxury transport that would take them to the restaurant. Panthro and Tygra were wearing similar Terran clothing. Felina wore a golden dress with a full skirt. Xendara had a black Asian-style one with a beautiful picture of a Phoenix embroidered on it.

    During the short drive there, Xendara tried to find out the real reason they were going. Ocelli only answered with an enigmatic smile that said “I'll tell you when we get there.” Everyone else just kept silent and refused to add anything else.

    When the six of them walked inside, the other Thundercats as well as Vicewren Merula and Owlyn were standing inside grinning. Xendara turned to Ocelli who said, “okay, now.” to the others who suddenly shouted, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY XENDARA!!”
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    another segment posted - thanks and feel free to comment

    Completely shocked, the guest of honor looked at Felina and started to ask her how she was able to find that out when Panthro walked up behind her and said. “Lynxondo sent me a card the day you were born and I've kept it in my journal.” Any other words were cut off because he was caught in her embrace and she kissed him for a full minute before she realized she wasn't alone with him.

    Tygra handed her an official looking document with a quiet smile. “My team was able to update Thundera's registry to include those with mixed clan ancestry.” She carefully read it over and softly said to herself. “I'm 31 years old.”

    “Yes my friend,” Ocelli answered, “no more guessing, no more having to avoid the question and no more feeling left out.” She grinned while rubbing her belly then added, “there will be time for more presents after dinner.”

    The delicious meal was cooked in front of them. As the chief chopped the meat and vegetables, he talked about the battle at the Obsidian Pyramid and Panthro's rescue. Although he described it as a team effort, it was obvious that if Xendara hadn't been able to tie the rope around the panther, he wouldn't have survived long enough for anyone to save him. Not used to praise, she tried not to act flustered but is was obvious she was enjoying it.

    Afterwards, they gathered around a long table and chairs that held the rest of her gifts. Ocelli tapped a carefully wrapped box before she sat down next to her husband. Xendara tore off the paper and revealed a sand colored jewelry box decorated with assorted shells. Then she opened an envelope from Bengali and Pumyra. She grinned as she read, “in response to Lynx-O's request, you are granted recognition as a member of the Lynx Clan.” A box with Cheetara and Stoney's name contained a necklace with a pendant that looked like a half a stone. It was light grey on the outside and sparkling blue crystals inside.

    Panthro asked her if he could show her something outside. Glad for a chance for the relative privacy, she nodded and they walked out to the porch. Two of Plun-Darr's moons were rising. When they got to the edge of the rail, she turned to him and asked, “so what did you want to show me?”
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