'Lesson Learned'

Discussion in 'Fan Art & Customs' started by Mitts, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. Mitts

    Mitts Active Member

    I love my fiancee with the inspiration he gives me when it comes to parodies like this.


    A public service message, of sorts. You'd figure after almost killing both himself and his sister by eating poisoned berries that a nature book had assured him were perfectly edible, Wilykat would've learned his lesson by now not to trust Third Earth texts.

    Judging by Wilykit's reaction to the whole situation - there's no question who got the brains in this family. XP

    Drawn by traditional means and colored in Adobe Photoshop 7 with the use of a Genuis art tablet.

    Constructive critisism only, please.

    Wilykit and Wilykat @ Rankin Bass Entertainment, the Ted Wolf estate or whoever holds the copyright nowadays.

    Concept @ Fuzzy

    Fanart @ J. Doucet (me)
  2. tcatartist

    tcatartist Crabman

    LMAO!! MY God, that's funny as all get out!! ....LMAO!!

    Oh my...okay...okay...lemmee catch my breath, here...LMAO!!!

    I really can't find anything wrong with this...seriously! It is too dad gum funny! You two just make the perfect team on things like this. Your Thunderkittens are well drawn (as usual), the shading is great, I love the textures in the first frame, the use of comic balloons, various colors of said balloons, the color of the text and, of course, the choice words and sound effects!! LMAO!

    Well done!

    More! MORE!!
  3. kzlambert

    kzlambert Illustrator & Animator TC.org Staff

    Nice first image with Wilykat and Wilykit.

    Would it be possible to post the original pencil drawing.. thats where the real art is for me..

    Nice work though, :)
  4. Mitts

    Mitts Active Member

    Don't see any problem with that.


    And there ya go.

    Apologies about the badger section - he was drawn on a separate sheet of paper and it was a bad ut/paste job to include him with the kittens.
  5. kzlambert

    kzlambert Illustrator & Animator TC.org Staff

    Wow that wasn't what I was expecting at all..

    I love seeing behind the scenes stuff. I didn't think that so much of the final image was digital.

    Now I can comment properly. The figures are initially well drawn, and the use of the tablet has helped provide nice smooth lines, not usually associated with photoshop drawings. Im guessing the speech bubbles were made with some automated comic strip software.

    Overall the effect is nice, unique and slightly stylised :)
  6. Mitts

    Mitts Active Member

    If you wouldn't mind my asking, what was it that you were expecting in the original sketch?

    If I had to guess, perhaps you were referring to the crispness of the sketch lines? When I'm going to make a digital pieces (like Tcats or Inuyasha stuff), I never worry about it; since I rarely, if ever, show the sketched piece since people who view my work are only interested in the final product when it comes to fanarts that I do for fun.

    However, are 95% of my commission work is done in ink, pencil and marker - so yeah, they're alot sharper than my digital works.

    Yup, the speech bubbles were added using a program that Tcatartist introduced us to - Comic Book Creator, I believe it was. It's a little cheesey in its tutorials, but overall - it's a fun program to play with.
  7. kzlambert

    kzlambert Illustrator & Animator TC.org Staff

    Yeh your right, I was expecting something with 'crips lines' as you put it. I usually use the digital side of things just to colour, as I don't have a tablet or a mouse (currently on a powerbook trackpad). I guess I had not anticipated the majority of the final image being digital. Looking at the image I guessed that you had a crisp drawing that you had slightly re-drawn digitally and then coloured.

    I guess we all work in different ways :)
  8. Mitts

    Mitts Active Member

    If it wasn't for my art tablet, I would never even think about doing digital work (I tried digital art with a mouse a few years back and it's the worst - lines are all blotchy and wavery - with the art tablet, it's like working with a pencil, which makes things all the easier).

    I would recommend art tablets for anyone interested in doing digital pieces - they're just thta convinient. :)
  9. WilyKat

    WilyKat Junior Member

    Nice Work!

    You made a VERY COOL pic!... but... Hey! how is that "you know who got the brains in the family"? Ok, wrong book... and that creature really bites hard... well...:roll: Btw NICE WORK!!! :wilykat:

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