Let's sort out a continuity order for season 1

Discussion in 'ThunderCats (1985)' started by LiamABC, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. LiamABC

    LiamABC Thunderian Legend

    Worth considering. By the same logic, in season 1, if we can have "The Mountain" and "The Superpower Potion" adjacent, Cheetara and the Kittens' absence would be one single event.

    Let's not forget though that "Cat Fight" can't be pushed back too far, it's clearly a very early episode, because the idea that the new Thundercats haven't earned the trust of their comrades yet.

    In any event, for the purposes of keeping track of everything, it would be simpler to have them as separate threads, then obviously have a thing on the front of the site when our work is finally complete.
  2. Ocean Doot

    Ocean Doot Active Member

    New thread has been started! (As you see, I argue that "Catfight" doesn't have to be necessarily be pushed back TOO far, if we consider the situation as being analogous to Jaga/Grune, wherein Grune was a trusted ally who went bad after a time. Though I still think it can be in the first batch of five after "Mumm-Ra Lives.")
  3. Ocean Doot

    Ocean Doot Active Member

    Definitely. :)

    Galaxy Rangers seemed awesome to me as a kid, but as an adult I am finding it somewhat of a chore to get through. The writing is a little choppy at times. (Even though when I was a kid, it seemed more intense to me than other shows: a leap up in intensity from "Thundercats," in the same way that Thundercats had felt like a leap up in intensity level from "He-Man." :)
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  4. Tygra_Rules

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    You might be right there (the bolds). Besides, I just thought of one thing about my continuity order. I don't remember well but, do the TCs get to Ravage Isalnd in the Feliner? If they did, then "Catfight" can't come after that one, as definitely Tygra and the kittens took it on their trip.

    I just hated not seeing them in those episodes.
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  5. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    You can clearly see the Feliner in "Ravage Island," so I think they used it to get to the island, but not without some setbacks.
  6. LiamABC

    LiamABC Thunderian Legend

    Wow, it's been even longer than I realised without any work done on this subject!
  7. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    Yep. :)
  8. Captain Shiner

    Captain Shiner Crabman

    Great thread guys

    I have a few issues with the early ordering

    Lack of Thundrillium is established early in the series, they search for it in Trouble with Time, Pumm-Ra then depletes their supply, Ghost Warrior sees Grune then completely wipe it out making their need greater, I don’t think ten or so episodes should pass before they address the issue of fully powering the Lair as will be able to do after the events of Lord of the Snows - Also, the mutants are still tech-less so this episode should occur before SBTS, not unreasonable for two reasons, first if they had skycutters and nosedivers they have no need for Vultureman’s flying machine, second, the mutants in the interim between ship sinking and raising do possess a modicum of technology in the teleport bracelets - whether these are given to them by Mumm Ra isn’t established but they are shown in Exodus before the ship is sunk and definitely again after it’s sunk - those bracelets may include some kind of radio to contact Vultureman, who may have well been following the Plundarian ship to third earth with his own people on his own ship.

    All that Glitters should follow Lord of The Snows, but it doesn’t have to be immediate, there’s no timescale on when they transferred the thundrillium to CL, especially as it amalgamated with gold which may have taken some time. I think a few eps can occur in between

    Why is Spitting Image made earlier, as long as it occurs after Ghost Warrior and the ‘bad ThunderCat’ line then it can be anywhere. I think it’s plot line is self contained and can be placed anywhere.

    Lastly I think the anointment trials should be placed late teens-early twenties as it’s serves as the end of the first phase, the introduction of the Tcats to third earth and their exploring the planet, meeting various friends and allies which happens less after the trials. No Vultureman in the trials either and he would join the mutants on a more permanent basis afterwards which makes sense given the amount of appearances he makes after this. The only issue is all of the characters shown at the parade for Lion-o, but some of them could have shown up before formally meeting lion-o to pay their respects, besides who ever decided on the characters to depict got it wrong (unlikely to be Starr himself) The mule is not a friend and the ninja from the Thunder-cutter certainly isn’t either, plus Hachiman lives in a different dimension and Snarfer on another planet, so we can’t take any stock in that, they could have just thrown in a load of character designs they had planned into the shot, it lasts a split second and they would have never imagined it would be pulled apart 30 years later.

    Hope my views were of interest

    Here’s my ordering of the first part of season 1

    1) Exodus
    2) Unholy Alliance
    3) Berbils
    4) Slaves OCP
    5) Trouble With Time
    6) Pumm-Ra
    7) Terror of Hammerhand
    8) Tower of Traps
    9) Garden of Delights
    10) Mandora: Evil Chaser
    11) Ghost Warrior
    12) Doomgaze
    13) Lord of The Snows
    14) Spaceship BTS
    15) Time Capsule
    16) Fireballs OP
    17) All That Glitters
    18) Spitting Image
    19)-23) Annointment Trials
    24) + begins with Mongor, ill think about the rest of that ordering later
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  9. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    I remember the Mutants using their teleport bracelets in "Exodus" and "The Garden of Delights." Why they didn't use those bracelets a little more often pretty much eludes me.
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  10. Captain Shiner

    Captain Shiner Crabman

    Daremonger, exactly. And I think you’ll agree it’s a salient point

    One further point would be in the Trial of Mind Power where we see a second Nosediver for the first time, there were clearly two skycutters and ONE nosediver found intact on the raised ship which leads me to beleive that the mutants - sans Vultureman - possess enough technological nous to make their own stuff - at least in their minds. Slithe even states in SBTS that their technology is just as good as the Tcats and I don’t think he was specifically referring to Vultureman. Which leads me to beleive that they created the fireball machine in Fireballs and the fact that ballsed up so badly when Monkian fired at it strengthened the need to get Vultureman in as a live-in Mutant to invent stuff from then on in

    And one further PIVOTAL point about the Trial of Mind Power is that Lion-o faces his fear of Thundera’s destruction, so it’s very important that the trials take place before Return To Thundera where he will face the issue of fear surrounding his home planet
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  11. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    Amen. :)
  12. thezaxfactor

    thezaxfactor Staff Writer and Moderator TC.org Staff

    If you look closely at the end of "Lord of the Snows", in the first shot after the final act break, you can see the meteor in the mouth of the ThunderTank. That said, they must have found some additional thundrillium after "Lord of the Snows" but before "All That Glitters", since they were completely out of the stuff!
  13. LiamABC

    LiamABC Thunderian Legend

    It's kind of implied that the thundrillium became mixed with the gold when the meteor crashed on the planet.

    "Spitting Image" belongs before "The Ghost Warrior" because the "what if a Thundercat really did turn bad?" line means the concept is unknown to them, which means they can't know about Grune and his Thundercat origins yet.

    Interesting point about the Trials and Return To Thundera, but I think we can get around it by the fact of the planet's destruction not technically being shown in "Return To Thundera".

    The trials are really awkward to place because there's a lot of things that place episodes before them, and a few key moments that place episodes after them.

    For what it's worth I haven't had any serious look at the continuity issues myself for about three years, maybe more. Been distracted I guess.
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  14. Captain Shiner

    Captain Shiner Crabman

    I get you mate, I haven't had a rewatch in six years.

    Could we be taking the Bad Thundercat line too literally? It probably meant a current active member of the team, but your positioning does keep it closer to Hammerhands living appearance, kids may have forgotten who he was 10 episodes or so later.

    What did you make of my other points?
  15. LiamABC

    LiamABC Thunderian Legend

    I don't doubt that they meant one of their own, but the concept in general - Grune is the answer to that question, so why ask the question hypothetically if they've already seen a real answer?

    The issue of two nosedivers is a curious one. It's the only time in the show that two nosedivers are seen. For that matter, in season 2-4, we only ever see one of each vehicle anyway. It's one of those things that probably doesn't matter that much.

    As for the mutant tech, well, the whole issue of Vultureman's arrival on Third Earth was never properly explained, so we're having to make our best guess. Lord Of The Snows is the debut of Vultureman and his Flying Machine in production and airdate order - but who is Vultureman and how when and why did he arrive here? We could say that they needed his Flying Machine in that episode because their other craft had got smashed up - as they do quite regularly.
  16. Tygra_Rules

    Tygra_Rules Thunderian Legend

    I think the trials should go somewhere between episode 30 becuase it's a 5-episodes arc, just like "Mumm-Ra Lives", "ThunderCubs" and "Return to Thundera". All of them have a 20 episodes-span, while season 1 has 65 episodes on a raw. So I think placing the trials between eps 30 and 34 would serve as a good cut like the others.
  17. Captain Shiner

    Captain Shiner Crabman

    After having watched Return to Thundera, the question of Vultureman again arises, if indeed the mutants can't create or invent without him, then why on earth have him involved in the episode - strictly on Thundera - but not make it implicitly clear that he both invented, and built the Plundarian Warbot, and just actually have him there at CP to state that exact thing - To me it looks clear that Slithe, Monkian and Jackalman are perfectly able to build things themselves, if they have the parts and plans at their disposal.

    I did like the establishing of Vultureman's roots however, there can be no doubt that he's in league with S-s-slithe before the events of Exodus.
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  18. LiamABC

    LiamABC Thunderian Legend

    I think that's why I put Return To Thundera as the first episode to feature Vultureman. I agree entirely with the question of why he isn't in the Third Earth part of the episode. It's one of those areas where the writers fudged. The deliberate lack of backstory makes this project a bit of a pain at times!
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  19. Captain Shiner

    Captain Shiner Crabman

    They probably thought 'Kids won't question it, they won't care'....they didn't bank on those kids becoming adults and still being fans of their childhood cartoons.
  20. LiamABC

    LiamABC Thunderian Legend


    Also, btw - regarding the "low on thundrillium" issue in Lord Of The Snows - because of my moving it further back from The Ghost Warrior, I did look for an alternate episode that could cause the shortage, and Return To Thundera fit the bill, look at the warbot's attack on the lair - they probably did use up a lot of thundrillium both in defending themselves and repairing the lair afterwards. (I have covered this point before, you're not the first to raise that question!)

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