Liger Thundercat concept

Discussion in 'Fan Art & Customs' started by EternalKnights, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. EternalKnights

    EternalKnights Junior Member

    Meet Lygar, a concept Thundercat based on the lion/tiger hybrid the liger.

  2. catspat

    catspat also known as...Leppardra

    Oh, EK, that is gorgeous! Ladies and gentlemen, start your pencils/pens/paints/watercolors/charcoal sticks/pastels/colored pencils/crayons/digital art programs!:cheetaraveryhappy:
  3. Bengali

    Bengali Rampager

    I REALLY like it! Lion-O's up for a challenge with this big guy :D He even looks like more of a threat than Grune. I also like his name 'Lygar' [​IMG]

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