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Discussion in 'Fan Art & Customs' started by dan07, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. dan07

    dan07 Glass Walker

    Hey All!

    I thought some of you may appreciate this. It's my computer's harddrive (LED) light. I painted it with top of the line acrylics to look like the Evil Liono shown with the Thunderwings on some of the Series 3 packages. Let me know what you think. I have a custom Mumm-ra I'll post at some other point.


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  2. MannysCollectibles

    MannysCollectibles Legacy Team Member

    Very cool Dan...I think I may have seen something similar a while back. Very creative and original to say the least. Awesome!!!!!
  3. Fuzzy

    Fuzzy Berbill

    That is pretty slick. Very creative and it turned out really well.

    Gotta do that custom Mumm-ra... the evil Lion-o turned out too well not to.
  4. starrcade89

    starrcade89 Vortex Explorer

    ... really nice, look forward to seeing that mummra.
  5. dan07

    dan07 Glass Walker

    Thanks and Custom Mumm-ra

    Thank you guys for your kind words.

    I've attached pics of the Mumm-ra I mentioned before. It's not 100% done. I want to make a black cape with a red interior, but I have no sewing skills at all, so I'm trying to find a creative way around that.

    With this Mumm-ra, I've painted him to look closer to what he looks like in the cartoon. I've sculpted extra pieces to his helmet and bandage wrap using apoxy sculpt. I've made his flesh a darker shade of green-grey (it looks more grey in the pic than in real life).

    As always, comments and constructive criticism are welcome.

    Take care.
  6. dan07

    dan07 Glass Walker

    I forgot to attach the pics...whoops.

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  7. starrcade89

    starrcade89 Vortex Explorer

    ....As were on a 'lion o-tip' at the moment, heres my cool battle armour lion o- big sword of omens to come.


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  8. Vintage

    Vintage Glass Walker

    Hi dan07!

    Man, I loved that idea about the computer LED on Lion-O! Let me see if I got that right... When your computer is accessing the hard drive or something like that, his eyes blink? If that's it, you gotta tell us how to do it!

    About the Mumm-Ra, I've thought of painting him just like in the cartoons as you did, but since I don't have a spare Mumm-Ra yet, I did it in Photoshop, just for fun! Check it out:


    Ah, and I painted my Lion-O Sword of Omens so it looks more like the original...

    Here's a photo of the gang and the painted Sword of Omens!

  9. dan07

    dan07 Glass Walker

    Hi Vintage!

    Actually, the Liono pretty much acts as my computer's on/off button, so as long as the computer's on, his eyes are lit up.

    I didn't actually hook the LEDs into Liono, but I did do all the painting. I picked him up on eBay (in terrible shape paintwise) for about $7. That being said, if one wanted to make a harddrive light out of a Liono, you'd have to crack your Liono's head open, replace the lights in his eyes with LEDs (you can pick up different color and various brightness LED lights - I'd suggest a white light for good Liono and red for evil. Then, you attach the lights to a hard drive light wire (not sure where to find them or how much they run) and thread it through the power ring hole in his back. Lastly, you plug the hard drive light wire into your motherboard (using your motherboard's manual - it should tell you where the HDD wire should be pinned onto).

    NOTE: If anybody does try this, good luck, and I am not liable for any damages to your Liono, self, or your computer!!!

    Also, I like the paintshop job. The Mumm-ra and sword came out great!
  10. Vintage

    Vintage Glass Walker

    Hi dan,

    Thanks for your explanation! It seems I have to get myself a spare Lion-O and Mumm-ra then! I will definatelly try that someday... Buy in my old computer, hehehe! :)

    Take care!
  11. Vintage

    Vintage Glass Walker

    Hey Dan!

    I came to this thread again and this part here made me wonder... In the picture you posted, Lion-O seems to have his original eyes, so the LED you talk about would go BEHIND his eyes, right?

  12. dan07

    dan07 Glass Walker

    Hi Vintage,

    His eyes are the originals - correct. Thank you for correcting me. What I actually meant to say was to unscrew the lights that are currently connected to his eyes (i think they act as bulb sockets) and replace them with whatever color LEDs you would like.
  13. Vintage

    Vintage Glass Walker

    Hey Dan, thanks for that! :)

    I am not sure, but you received you Lion-O already with those connections or were you the one that disassemble the Lion-O? I'm asking this because LJN's Thundercats are glued and not put toghether with screws... So, do you have any tips on how to disassemble Lion-O's head and torso without damaging it too much?

    Thanks a lot! I'm already looking for cheap "in condition" Lion-O's for this project!
  14. dan07

    dan07 Glass Walker

    NP, Vintage. I actually bought an already hooked up Liono, but the gentleman who sold it to me gave me a bit of a background on how to do it. I hate to admit it, but he cracked Liono's head open with a hammer and a tool to pry the head apart at the seams (something the mutants and mumm-ra spent way too much time dreaming about!). It's a bit tough to do without requires a lot of patience and finesse. If you can get your hands on a very cheap, beat up liono, then it's worth it. Best of luck if you decide to go through with it!!!
  15. Vintage

    Vintage Glass Walker

    Hey Dan, thanks a lot for the explanation, it sure will help me! I decided to stop looking for the Lion-O and started looking FOR THE WIRE! It's something that is not for sale in the online-computer stores hee in Portugal, not even in the MODDING Department.

    Since there aren't any computer stores near, I'll have to wait until I get close to one and talk to the owner... But I'll do this!

    Take care Dan and thanks a lot! :)

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