Lion-O outfits and variations.

Discussion in 'ThunderCats (1985)' started by Booshman, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. Booshman

    Booshman Thunderian Legend

    I've got a few spare LJN Lion-O I'm thinking of repainting as they are in various bad states. Paint flaking and scratches from whoever originally owned them. I want to do some alternate outfits or variants, since I already have the various different officially released colours in better condition. Here's what I've come up with as options, if you can think of any i've missed let me know. Whether it would involve painting or sculpting it doesn't matter.

    • cartoon accurate colours.
    • evil red version
    • headset version (Sword in a Hole, etc)
    • ripped shirt from Exodus
    • cloak and crown from the annointment trials
  2. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    It may be a fair bit of work (I know your up to it though), but what about Lion-O in the thermal suit?
  3. Booshman

    Booshman Thunderian Legend

    Good idea, hadn't thought of that at all. Keep them coming if you have any more.
  4. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    There's always Lion-O in the shark suit in "Dr. Dometone" haha. Maybe him with the Cats Eyes glasses?
  5. Booshman

    Booshman Thunderian Legend

    Do you have a pic of the cats eyes glasses you mean?
  6. Wilycub

    Wilycub Staff Writer and Artist Staff

    A really cool project! :thumbsup I think you and adssse have pretty much covered almost all of Lion-O's looks in the series. A couple of minor ones that I can think of would be:

    1. Lion-O with just the cloak ("Lord of the Snows")
    2. Lion-O dressed as Queen Tartara's Guard ("Crystal Queen")
    3. Bare-chested and bare feet Lion-O (beginning of "Tower of Traps" when he is swimming)
    4. Lion-O with extra belt insignias (the ones he gets from the other TCats in the Anointment Trials episodes.
    5. Lion-O dressed as a Tabbut ("Mumm-Rana")
    6. Lion-O as he looked in the Wildstorm comics. I recall seeing a couple of custom painted LJN Lion-O's in this style. Like this:

    Oh and the Cats Eye Glasses that adssse mentioned are these:
  7. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    As always Wilycub has provided a plethora of useful information! Thank you!

    One other might be when they wear the spring shoes and shoulder harness.

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