Lion-O's suspension capsule?

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    What is the prevailing theory on why Lion-O grew during his stay in the suspension capsule?

    The original show pitch indicates that "LION-L" was expected to grow during the trip, while the same pitch described "WILY-KT" (the character concept that would become WilyKat and WilyKit) no differently than the adults. The dialogue in the pilot episode "Exodus" keeps with the idea that suspension merely slows aging; plus, once the ThunderCats emerge from it there's no mention of there having been any sort of malfunction that allowed Lion-O to grow faster than WilyKat and WilyKit. So, does that mean the latter two characters were naturally tiny? They don't have the proportions associated with dwarfism, and Lion-O was only a few inches taller than them when he started out. On the other hand, they were present on the ship's bridge when Lion-O was asleep, perhaps implying that they are indeed adults -- though their attitude throughout the show suggests otherwise.
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  2. Daremonger

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    In my mind, Lion-O's suspension capsule malfunctioned after the ThunderCats arrived on Third Earth.
  3. vkGX9w8s

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    Are you suggesting, then, that the capsules lay there outside the crashed ship for some decades, and the scene with Snarf emerging was actually much later than we assumed?

    Obviously the real-world reason is that the production team mistakenly overlooked the inconsistency between the original plot and the choice to make WILY-KT into a young WilyKat and WilyKit. From the perspective of the fiction, however, I think your explanation makes sense. It would not only explain the age issue, but also why the mutants showed up immediately after Snarf and Lion-O emerged -- Snarf's capsule was perhaps triggered by the appearance of the mutants' ship.

    One other problem with presumably-sloppy writing is that the mutants would've aged terribly during their pursuit of the ThunderCats. The scenario doesn't make sense. Sure, they really, really wanted the Eye of Thundera. OK, fine, but if they couldn't find the ThunderCats' hobbled ship as it limped through space, then surely they would've turned around and gone home. If the mutants continued the pursuit, they would've caught the ship. If they couldn't find it, then maybe the reason they showed up right when the ThunderCats were emerging was because the capsules emit an SOS. But even that doesn't make sense, unless the mutants' ship was similarly damaged in the fight, forcing them, too, to enter suspension.

    Man, the logic behind the story is a mess!
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    Here are a few scenarios...

    1. Space battle. Both sides lose FTL capability. Both crews enter suspension. Mutant autopilot follows ThunderCat ship. Decades pass and ThunderCat ship crashes. ThunderCat suspension capsules send out SOS, which triggers mutant ship to awaken mutants. (But with no hint of a malfunction, how is it that Lion-O aged but the Wily's didn't?)

    2. Space battle. ThunderCat ship loses FTL capability. Mutants retreat and lose track of ThunderCat ship. ThunderCats enter suspension. Decades pass and ThunderCat ship crashes. Suspension capsules send out SOS, which takes decades to get back to the mutants. Lion-O's malfunctioning capsule allowed him to grow during that time. The mutants use FTL to show up soon after. (But why have the mutants not aged?)

    3. The Wily's have growth hormone deficiency (, or perhaps are the ThunderCat equivalent of pygmies.
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  5. Cheetoro

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    The kittens remaining kittens has always been the largest plot hole of the series in my opinion. There's just no good explanation for it regardless of Lion-O being around, but he just makes it more apparent.
  6. ThunDerianRoyalGuard

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    Other than a "malfunction", there is no logical, in-universe awnser. Without trying to be cute, I always thought of it as the will of the Eye [of ThunDera]. It fits the whole "Omens -foresight - destiny" theme. Other than that, I've got nothing :biggrin
  7. PKELL

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    I always blamed Jaga for it, lol.

    He was up and about on the ship for "10 galacto years" and he realized without him, the Cats would need a leader. I always assumed he played funny games with Lion-O's capsule to make him age faster than the rest.

    Between Jaga and Obi-Wan Kenobi's lying self, its a wonder anyone trusts their mentors, lol.
  8. LiamABC

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    And that's before you add in the complications of Lynx-O, Bengali and Pumyra escaping at the same time and not needing suspension capsules!
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  9. Wilycub

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    And all the other surviving Thunderians (Tor etc.) as well as all the Snarfs. :)
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  10. LiamABC

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    Quite. Put simply, there is no way of explaining it all that covers everything. There is no water-tight answer. That's what comes of deliberately not having a backstory and then constantly contradicting the establishing episodes . . .
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  11. vkGX9w8s

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    As an aside, does anyone else find it a bit creepy that only the Thundaran nobles managed to survive? I mean, surely they didn't cram the entire planet's population onto those half-dozen or so other ships! (Lets face it, in those kind of scenarios, the common folk tend to get told there's nothing to worry about, while the elites quietly slip out the back door....)
  12. Tygra_Rules

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    Well, you have Lynx-O, Pumyra and Benagli, and then Jagara, Tor, Leah and all the other refugees that showed up in New Thundera...

    But yes, in those situations the main instruction is to save the King or Lord, and thus the ones in charge of his/her upbringing come with him/her. Still, it was a stroke of luck that only their ship survided the explosion and subsequent attack from the Mutants.

    About Lion-O´s capsule, my theory points to... Cheetara! Remember that scene where she wakes up a sleepy young Lion-O? Maybe she decided she likes kids but knew it wouldn't have been approved, so she manipulated his capsule so he would be an adult by the time they woke up :roflmao. Of course, once in Tird Earth she noticed how immature he was and turned her attention to Tygra instead LOL.

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  13. Owen Morton

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    I agree! Especially since the escaping nobles actually blinded Lynxo as they ran away! Not nice guys.....

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