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Discussion in 'ThunderCats Marketplace' started by madmartigan37, Nov 27, 2006.

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    Well I have a new baby on the way so I am parting with some of my toy collection.

    The thundercats that I have for sale are
    Lion-O with Snarf PVC, sword, claw and power ring, light up eyes still work but ring is missing the ring part (does that even make sense) Snarf has a slight nose rub and the sword is missing some paint. 30.00 Canadian

    Panthro Complete battlematic action works 40.00

    Jaga with Helmet, cape and sword. Slight paint rubs to hair where helmet sits. Battlematic action works 50.00 Canadian

    Mumm-Ra with Ma-Mutt, helmet, sword and knife missing power ring. eyes light up and battlematic action works. 30.00 Canadian

    Monkian with helmet and flail, battlematic action works, 20.00 Canadian

    S-Slith with halberd battelmatic action works 15.00 canadian

    Jackleman with shoulder pad, missing club battlematic action works 10.00 canadian

    Mumm-Ra mummy with staff 10.00 canadian.

    Take the entire lot for 170 canadian plus shipping

    shoot me a email at madmartigan37@yahoo.com if you are interested. I can provide feedback and pictures on request.
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    Would this be the orange hair Lion-o with orange claw and orange handled sword?
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