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    I haven’t seen a general edition Mumm-Ra anywhere yet, which is strange. The only idea I can come up with would be maybe that would be saved for a possible Wave 2. I put together a possible load out for a Wave 2 based on how this first wave was released. Again, This is all purely speculation but, to me, it makes the most sense as to how to proceed… Only problem that I can’t find a way around would be there is no Lion-O in Wave 2. And I can’t see any toy company anywhere putting out a Thundercats Wave without a Lion-O. So, this is what I came up with. (variables I used were - each figure needs a GID, each needs a LJN color variation, also completing any missing figures from the first wave.) I followed the same format as the first wave 10 total figures in each release, the SDCC 18 has the same amount of GID and also a metallic weapons as SDCC 17. I added 2 items to the SDCC release because hopefully the second time around with the success of the first wave a coupe items would be added. One was added because one has already been in photos; 8”inch Lion-O. I also gave Walgreen’s their own original take on the line like in the first wave. I tried to make this list mimic the first wave the best I could…
    SDCC 18
    1. Lion-O 8”inch
    2. Robear Berbil 3 Pack: Bill, Belle, Bert (WISHFUL THINKING but TLS has sold SDCC 3 packs before***
    3. Thundercat Grune (Metallic weapons)
    4. Evil/Red Lion-O (Glow-in-the-dark)
    5. Bengali (Glow-in-the-dark)
    6. Lynx-O (Glow-in-the-dark)
    7. Pumyra (Glow-in-the-dark)
    Walmart Wave 2
    1. Battle Damaged Bengali (LJN color variation; 1/48)
    2. Battle Damaged Lynx-O
    3. Battle Damaged Pumyra
    4. Battle Damaged WilyKit
    5. Battle Damaged WilyKat
    6. Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living w/ Sword of Plun-darr(gold) (General Edition)
    7. Battle Damaged Grune
    8. Grune (LJN Color Variation; 1/96)
    9. Grune (Glow-in-the-dark; club 28)
    10. Gold Grune
    Hot Topic Wave 2
    1. Bengali (Metallic)
    2. Lynx-O (Metallic)
    3. Pumyra (Metallic)
    4. WilyKit (Metallic)
    5. WilyKat (Metallic)
    6. Grune (Metallic)
    7. Monkian (Metallic; 1/96)
    8. WilyKit (LJN color variation; 1/48)
    9. WilyKit (Glow-in-the-dark; club 28)
    10. Gold Grune
    General Edition Wave 2
    1. Bengali
    2. Lynx-O
    3. Pumyra (LJN color variation; 1/48)
    4. WilyKit
    5. WilyKat
    6. Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living w/ Sword of Plun-darr (red) & w/ Ma-Mutt (General Edition)
    7. Grune
    8. WilyKat (LJN color variation; 1/24)
    9. WilyKat (Glow-in-the-dark; club 28)
    10. Gold Grune
    Toys“R”Us or MAYBE AMAZON Wave 2
    1. Bengali
    2. Lynx-O (LJN color variation; 1/24)
    3. Pumyra
    4. WilyKit
    5. Wilykat
    6. Ratar-O (Silver sais)
    7. Vultureman (Metallic; 1/96)
    8. Ratar-O (LJN color variation; 1/48; Black sais)
    9. Ratar-O (Glow-in-the-dark) (club 28)
    10. Gold Grune
    1. Bengali
    2. Lynx-O
    3. Pumyra
    4. WilyKit
    5. WilyKat
    6. Jackalman (Battle Damaged; 1/96)
    7. Invisible Tygra (Glow-in-the-dark; club 28)
    8. Thundercat Grune (Metallic; 1/48)
    9. Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living(Purple color variation) w/ Glow-in-the-dark Sword of Plun-darr(gold)
    10. Gold Grune
    Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living & Ma-Mutt (Onyx Crystal )
    Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living & Ma-Mutt (Red Crystal )
    Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living & Ma-Mutt (Purple Crystal)

    1. Lion-O (Thermal suit; w/ Glow-in-the-dark Sword of Omens dagger) & back half of Snowmeow
    2. Panthro (Thermal suit)
    3. Cheetara (Thermal suit)
    4. Tygra (Thermal suit)
    5. Snowman of Hook Mountain & front half of Snow Meow
    6. Snowman of Hook Mountain (LJN color variation 1/24)
    7. Snowman of Hook Mountain (Glow-in-the-dark; 1/48)
    8. Thundercat Grune (Battle Damaged; 1/96)
    9. Thundercat Grune (Glow-in-the-dark; club 28)
    10. Gold Grune
    Again, this is all purely what I would do and just my guesses. But I also just can’t see a Lion-O not being released with it. Lion-O is the main character and the most recognizable and basically the face of Thundercats. So, without releasing him sales would definitely not be as high. And adding Lion-O would throw off all my numbers. At the same time, do we really need 12 Lion-O’s ?!?! I went with a Gold Grune sine he is the character in my list that would be released in all but 1 of my numbers. Also, it could be the closest we would get to the 2011 version of Grune without having to make a whole new mold for a figure. The Thermal suit idea is also probably a long shot but if it was done the same mold could be used for the bodies of Lion-O, Panthro, & Tygra. The thermal suits are also one of the few “alternate outfits” the Thundercats ever really had. It also make for a unique variation. I know for Dragon Ball Z line the Loyal Subjects included parts of a dragon with separate figures that connected to make a large dragon figure. I believe it was 3 pieces. So, doing a 2 piece Snow Meow would be very possible. I went with Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living & Ma-mutt for the SDDC because it would give TLS the main hero and villain in that form. I chose the colors because it could be a coincidence but for Lion-O & Snarf, TLS used blue and orange which is also the same colors as the original LJN Laser Sabers for 2 of their color variations. Going by that, I went with the original colors of the villains Laser Sabers, onyx and red for 2 of them. I don't know how well the Thundercats line is selling for Loyal Subjects but hopefully it is doing well enough to get a Wave 2. Who do you think we will see if there is a Wave 2 ??? Who do you think we would see show in the line ???
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    Wow this is incredible, really thought out! You really know your stuff! I def. think there will be a thundercats wave 2 from TLS, just IMHO . I think just judging by customers reactions and the hype around this line, I think this will be one of their most successful lines, up there with MOTU. One way I judge the success of these lines, and it may be flawed, is to see how much they sell for on ebay, and how fast, mainly the chases and the sddc crystal versions. People really love the TMNT but TLS has really steered away from addressing if there will be a wave 3 of TMNT, where as on instagram someone already asked if it was possible for a wave 2 of TC and they already said most def! I know they are not planning on releasing any more Transformers lines, which people seem to really love but was personally one of my least favorite lines. I really think if they do a TC wave 2 it will be very similar to what you have listed here. (And if it isn't they should consult you, cause I would love to see all these in wave 2!) IMO def a wilykit, wilykat, pumyra, bengali, ratar + robear berbil. (Love the idea of a 3 pack BTW! Fingers crossed!) I completely agree that it would be odd from a sales standpoint to have a wave 2 without a Lion-O of some sort, I would guess they would find a way to include him somehow someway. On another note, I kinda wished the TRU TC pack out had a little more variation to it. Since I picked up a case of GE from Think Geek and a case from TRU, I now have quite a few doubles of the GE figures. Would have liked to see some more variation there, even if it was just the little details like some diff. GID weapons, diff. stamps on the bottom of their feet etc. Also would have been cool if the Lion-O from TRU included Snarf as well, since he seems to be the same as GE just without snarf. I agree it's really odd that they don't have a GE Mummra The Everliving yet, I wouldn't be surprised if they released him with the target pack-outs or saved him for wave 2 like you said.
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    What an awesome, well thought-out, line-up! If this is just a 1 and done kind of thing, I will be satisfied, but if they do a series 2, that would be amazing!

    I would love to see the kittens and the new Thundercats represented. Grune and Ratar-O seem like natural choices too. They could always give us new and different sculpts of Lion-O and Mummra if they wanted, or maybe figure out a way to have their eyes light-up! Didn't they have, or at least plan to try some light-up features in their How to Train Your Dragon line? Mumm-ra definitely needs to have a sword of Plundarr and a Ma-mutt for sure!

    Totally off topic, but has TLS ever mentioned anything about GI Joe continuing? Talk about a line that didn't even get the main characters out there... (in the new style at least).

    Wes (who is impatiently waiting for Jackalman and Ssslithe to drop as well as finding an LJN Lion-O!)
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    I like your Wave 2 choices. ^-^
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    I personally haven't come across them saying anything about their plans for the GI-Joe Line, they could have addressed it and I just missed it. I really felt like they could have had more well known characters with the GI-Joe waves myself as well. Technically, the GI-Joe line that looks like all their other vinyl figures is actually their Wave 2, since they started out with a Wave 1 GI-Joe line that looked a lot more akin to the Kidrobot style, not really articulating that much, doesnt look like anything else they've made thus far etc. I believe that was their first release of any kind, though I could be wrong. I know at one point there was talk of vehicles and play sets to accompany the GI-Joe Wv2 line, which would be really cool. I think fans really liked the GI-Joe wave 2, myself included, so I would hope that they would be considering continuing that line at some point.
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    Yeah, I had that Wave 1 of GI Joe, but I sold them when Wave 2 came out, since they didn’t match very well, and I preferred the style of Wave 2. Hopefully they will continue! Without Duke, Scarlett, Cobra Commander and Destro, it just isn’t much of a line....

    Back to the potential of more T-cats though, I wonder if Loyal Subjects could ever pull in the other “Thunder Force” characters, ie Silverhawks and Tigersharks. They are probably way too obscure to resonate with an average joe, but they sure would look amazing in that style!
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    Has anyone heard anything about the possibility of a Wave 2? With Thundercats getting so much attention right now, albeit negative because of Thundercats Roar, it would seem like a good time to "cash in" on some of the publicity and make some announcements of the next wave. I dont know much about The Loyal Subjects and dont know how long it takes them to put out second waves of figures. Anyone on here collect any of their other lines that could share some insight?
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  8. Serval

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    It would also be a good time for some of these lines to introduce (reintroduce) Classics. They can even have it built into their marketing campaign (e.g. "yeah, we hear you and we've delivered" etc.)
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  9. jabus

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    If there is going to be a wave 2, it won't be for quite a while. He-man came out like 2 years ago now or something...

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