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  1. saltygirl

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    hurray!!! i'm back to my vectors!!!

    never heard of lynxana till i joined the tcat fan msg boards. now i think it's a shame they didn't introduce her character from the comics into the animation. she was a complex character. & she's pretty damn hot.

    this was a commission for a friend. he also wanted an 'accessories only' version which i can't post here because, well, this is a family friendly site. you'll have to check out the naughtier version @ EoT.
  2. He-Fan

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    Chris here...

    :yikes: That is an amazing piece, I love it! Lynxana is a very special character to me thanks to her forming such a large part of my childhood ThunderCats appearance, courtesy of her memorable role in the Marvel comics! :)

    My favourite colour is also pink, so needless to say I love her arm bands and leg warmers too! :D

    Take care... :)
  3. Vintage

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    Congratulations, Saltygirl, I love "vector drawings" and that one looks so cool! I don't know much about the other characters from the comics (in fact I don't know nothing!) but I must agree with you that Lynxanna should be on the show.

    If that's the kind of wearing she used in the comics, maybe they let her out because she was very hot. That would distract the kids ;)

    I have this one already saved on my computer, just like the Cheetara you made for your avatar. If you decide to do more vector art, I'd love to see other characters from the Thundercats! Lion-O maybe? ;)

    Take care!
  4. saltygirl

    saltygirl Crabman

    thankyee thankyee.

    i plan on doing more vector stuff in the future. i just love how clean the lines are w/ washes of flat colors w/ vectors.

    in the comics i think lynxana was more mean than sexy. i kind of sexed her up a bit for the pin-up. maybe marvel didn't want their character in the toon? or maybe rankin/bass didn't get around to buying the rts to use her in the toon? 1 of those.
  5. catspat

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    Oh, this drawing is so gorgeous! Now I'll have to use my graphics tablet!:D

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