Mad Bubblers - Partial Collection for Sale (Doubles and General Merchandise ONLY)

Discussion in 'ThunderCats Marketplace' started by Mad Bubbler, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Mad Bubbler

    Mad Bubbler Crabman

    FYI to all true Thundercats collectors on this forum.

    I have been debating about selling all my doubles (carded figures and vehicles) plus most of the general merchandise from my collection. I am currently putting together a list of items to distribute to any interested collector. If you are interested in any of the doubles or merchandise please send me a PM with your name and email contact and I will send you the list of items later this week or early next week. Please keep in mind that the prototypes are NOT FOR SALE AT THIS TIME.

    There is no specific reason for the sale, I do not need the money; I have just decided that it might be time to share my collection with others as Thundercats toys have become very hard to find (unless you pay a fortune on eBay for them). I am not trying get rich off of this sale however in the event that none of the offers are in my comfort zone I will hang on the the items for another day.


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