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    In the '80s, Marvel Entertainment had out a kids' division called Star Comics, where they posted original comics and those based on licensed properties such as Muppet Babies, Masters of the Universe, Care Bears, Rocky and Bullwinkle, SilverHawks, Heathcliff, ALF, and ThunderCats. I've heard about a 13-issue series called Star Comics Magazine where several licensed characters crossed over with each other and the Marvel Universe. I wish Marvel would reissue SCM in remastered paperback form, but licensing issues just wouldn't allow it. Not only that, but The Walt Disney Company owns Marvel, which means, by extension, the non-licensed Star Comics characters are owned by Disney. I would've loved for ThunderCats to cross over with ALF and Heathcliff on separate arcs.
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    I would love to see an official thundercats omnibus. I did a Google search while back and saw where a person actually took all the comics from Wildstorm and created one but I can't see myself doing that with my collection.
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    DC Comics should make their own ThunderCats omnibus with their 2002-04 WildStorm collection, which hopefully should include the Battle of the Planets crossovers from Top Cow. And Marvel should make a ThunderCats omnibus of their own with their US and UK collection.
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