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  1. MannysCollectibles

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    No insurance yet. Ive been putting it off way too long perhaps i should really consider it. The Snarf has been sent in for casing/grading Im really excited to see what it looks like. Its seems like when figures are cased it breathes new life into them
  2. MannysCollectibles

    MannysCollectibles Legacy Team Member

    Small update to my collection and a rather unique piece to say the least. This is the original concept rendering for the package artwork for the Tongue-A-Saurus. It is THE original pencil drawing and comes from the awesome collection that has been offered on Ebay the last few weeks. I

    It is rendered in a medium of colored pencil, measures approx. 18" X 20" and is on velum paper. Imso excited to own the original pencil art that was sued on the Tongue a Saurus. Check it out....

  3. Very nice collection! :liono
  4. catspat

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    Yeah, I saw the Tongue-A-Saurus box cover that you spoke of. This is a great drawing of Safari Joe. Too bad the show didn't have an episode of him actually encountering the Tongue-A-Saurus. That would have been very interesting! :D
  5. Originalthundercatroar

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    Since you have the toy of the Tongue-A-Saurus how does it work? Is there a tongue that rolls out and can curl around a figure and do the jaws snap up and down or what other movent does it make mechanically? I assume it has rollers that would work the mechanized actions if there are any since the legs look stationary but I am just curious and its very doubtful I'll ever own one.
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    Please could you update? Only the 1st picture works in your first post...


    Awesome collection though....
  7. Daremonger

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    Safari Joe is just not having a good day. :P

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