Mattel Classics, no thanks.

Discussion in 'Mezco and Bandai Toys' started by Mark M, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Since it's near SDCC time it's also time for Mattel's annual grovelling campaign to get more fans to buy subscriptions for their Masters of the Universe Classics line.
    Yes I know it would be cool having Thundercats in the MOTUC style and a new figure every month. But would we want all the hassle that comes along with it? For me personally it's a no.
    Don't get me wrong I liked the MOTUC line and collected it for the first year when it started in late 2008.
    I am not starting this thread to cause any hassle with MOTU fans I am just asking would any Thundercats fans on hear really want to go through all the hassle MOTU fans have to just to get new figures?
    I honestly fail to understand how they can call the MOTUC line successful when they have to beg fans to buy it. Surely if the line was so good they would not have to do this. More to the point I don't think the fans should have to be buying multiple subscriptions to keep it going.
    It's none of my business what people spend their money on but you really have to question someone's priorities (or wish you had their bank balance) when they are willing to buy 15-30 subscriptions at $570+ each just to keep a toyline going. :eek:
    As much as I want new Thundercats I really wouldn't want then under these conditions.
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  2. Alluro Fan

    Alluro Fan Vortex Explorer

    I've just come to accept the demise of the Thundercats franchise and am prepared to live in the past with my figures, DVDs, and comics.
  3. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    That is what we will all have to do unless WB make some drastic changes.
  4. Mark / Grizzlor

    Mark / Grizzlor Site Director Staff

    For those who attended Comic Con, was there any kind of ThunderCats presence there?
  5. Ideal

    Ideal Glass Walker

    SDCC isnt until next week
  6. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I take it you mean SDCC or do you mean one of the other cons? I seen Funko advertised one of those vinyl figures they do of Lion-O. Personally I think this will be the only presence Thundercats will have at SDCC aside from fans attending in costume.
  7. eternian phoeni

    eternian phoeni Moleman

    Hey there, I collect MOTUC but never did the subscription thing. I agree that's bizzare since I know some people that get like 3 subscriptions! That being said whenever I want a figure I can get it on eBay and the quality is fantastic. For me the line has NEVER been a hassle and it's been a real joy. I don't end up buying most of the figures but I love seeing the great ones they come up with even for sort of lame characters. I love having a insanely awesome version of my favorite characters especially since the 80's motu figures are so fragile and impossible to pose.

    So I'd actually go NUTS if they did a thundercats line. Obviously the thundercats universe of characters was considerably smaller (thank goodness) so it wouldn't end up costing such a huge amount as the motuc line. I can't stand the classics 8" and 6" that came out and would love to have the main characters and lunatacs by the 4 horsemen! I really hope this is their next project as MOTUC ends.
  8. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    It would be cool and I would be all for them doing Classics just as long as they don't pull all the crap they do with MOTUC and expect us to buy multiple subscriptions and characters nobody wants.
    The line became a hassle for me when they wouldn't accept my credit card and the Ebay scalper prices went up. Not to mention the postage getting them sent to the UK. I remember calling it a day with the line before getting Teela. Last year I bought Vikor as I thought he was a very cool figure but after a few months he had the same fate as the other MOTUC figures I had and ended up being sold on Ebay.
  9. Wakko

    Wakko Junior Member

    I was a subscriber to DC Infinite Earths until it died, and have been a MOTUC subscriber this year and will be again next year. I've dealt with the nightmares of and Digital River, ToyGuru's painful lack of PR skills, and the inflated prices of both product and shipping.

    But do I regret it? Heck no. DCIE and MOTUC are the DEFINITIVE figure lines for both of those properties. ThunderCats Classics, utilizing the existing parts library from MOTUC, would be a dream line. If Mattel did it, and allowed the Four Horsemen to sculpt it, I don't see many true TC fans being able to resist.

    Imagine your shelves filled with the complete roster of ThunderCats, Mutants, Lunataks, and Berzerkers. Smaller figures (Ma-Mutt, Snarf), beasts (Snowmeow, Amok), weapons packs. Willa, Mumm-Rana, Driller, Hachiman, Claudus. *Sigh*

    I think the only thing stopping this from ever happening is the fan base. DC eventually died due to lack of subscribers, and MOTUC has lost numbers every subsequent year. So I only worry that there wouldn't be enough TCat fans to get the subscription off the ground in the first place.
  10. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I agree they would be awesome to have on the shelf and I would be all for them being done however I as I have said my main issue with Mattel is I would prefer them to handle the line better than they have done MOTUC.

    While they could use a lot of parts for Thundercats there is a massive lot of new parts that would need to be created s Thundercats all had unique sculpts.

    One thing about MOTUC that really annoyed me was the bodies. It was good for some bare chested figures but it was far to bulky for figures that also wore armour. It's strange they didn't make a thinner chest piece they could have used on all the figures requiring armour.

    I honestly think if Mattel did do Thundercats a lot of fans and even casual fans would support it. But lets hope Toyguru has little to do with it or his PR and marketing skills greatly improve.

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