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    The first post has been updated with the list of your questions and answers from MattyCollector

    Q1 - What does the ThunderCats license grant you...
    a) All vintage cartoon characters
    b) All vintage LJN toy characters
    c) All vintage comic book characters
    d) Silverhawks and Tigersharks characters
    e) 2011 reboot character designs
    f) All of the above?

    A1 - For the time being we will focus on the 1985 classics series

    Q2 - Given that the main Cats won't be released together, what does the roadmap look like for release of the figures?

    A2 - It looks awesome. *smile* You can expect a good mix of heroes, villains, allies and sidekicks with each wave that will be released.

    Q3 - How many ThunderCats figures are likely to be revealed at Powercon?

    A3 - Planning for Power Con is still underway, at this point it is too early to say.

    Q4 - Are you considering re-issuing the original LJN figures? ie: re-produce identical version of the 80s figures

    A4 - Not at the moment.

    Q5 - What are your priorities around LJN's unproduced prototypes? (Mad Bubbler, Red Eye, Feliner, Thunderstrike etc.)

    A5 - There is potential for us to look into those as possible figures.

    Q6 - What are your priorities around characters from the cartoon that were never made into figures in the vintage Ljn toy line (for example Willa and Mandora the Evil Chaser)

    A6 - There is potential for these figures as well

    Q7 - Are you working towards producing figures for any of the following properties?
    - Bravestarr
    - Galaxy Rangers
    - Thundarr The Barbarian
    - Blackstar
    - The Freedom Force/Space Sentinels
    - Defenders of the Earth

    A7 - Currently no but anything is possible…

    Q8 - Are you making any new accommodations for foreign subscribers? ie: to ease shipping costs

    A8 - Yes, we are looking into various options to ensure our international subscribers are provided with the best shipping rates available (we’re working to get the best rates for our domestic subscribers tooJ).

    Q9 - Will characters like the like transformed Mumm-ra be significantly larger than Lion-O, as he was in the show? Will there also be a thinner buck so some of the more slender characters don't get the "Bow" treatment?

    A9 - Those are definitely things we are looking into.

    Q10 - Will you be emulating the MOTUC cardback bios on the ThunderCats packaging?

    A10 - At present the packaging is still being developed, but I can say it will have its own unique look and feel.
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  2. Daremonger

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  3. adssse

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    Nothing too telling in their answers, but nice to hear from them nonetheless.
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  4. Gerrit

    Gerrit Berserker

    Hmmmm ...
    at least now we know we can look forward to 80's cartoon figures, and not only LJN figures.
    also 5 & 6 isn't a direct NO... so I guess we can then expect them later on.
    plus we can expect bigger sized figures!! Awesome news!!
    Thanks Matty and Mark for sharing!
  5. Fandabidozi

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    If I had the physique of Bow I'd be a very happy man.
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  6. Mark M

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    In some ways LOL. But I have done some rather interesting research on body building and getting a MOTU style physique isn't all it's cracked up to be.
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  7. Daremonger

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    It's so cool how most characters in the Masters of the Universe and ThunderCats brands have muscular builds. :)
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  8. Gerrit

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    Can't we do get a second round of these ? Maybe we can get some info on the packaging ?
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    Somebody can post in the Four Horsemen facebook if they know when would be another Q&A...

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