Mezco 2016 SDCC tease

Discussion in 'Mezco and Bandai Toys' started by ninja cat, May 25, 2016.

  1. Vivek

    Vivek Great Void Dweller

    Good point. Though I don't think they will mark up the Mezco figures to the level of Mattel toys, the saving does gets canceled out.

    But since Mezco doesn't ship these outside US, BBTS is the likely option for international buyers especially if they don't do parcel forwarding or have friends who will ship the items for them.

    I don't think it will sell out until next week. But if BBTS ends up listing them only in July, then you are risking it by waiting until then.
  2. jabus

    jabus Barbarian

    You make an excellent point for our friends abroad. BBTS would be a great solution for them.
  3. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    Thanks, I will probably order it from Mezco just to be safe.
  4. Vivek

    Vivek Great Void Dweller

    Here is what they tweeted back. So I guess the red paint has that glow effect.
    "Tygra's eyes/chest symbol have a special glow-in-the-dark paint application."
  5. cgdc76

    cgdc76 Active Member

    Thanks Vivek. Their reply still confuses me. So, the eyes glow in the dark, but are they painted over red or are they yellow? I guess red? Still hope for yellow.
  6. Gerrit

    Gerrit Berserker

    Is this only on the Exclusive Lion-O and Cheetara figures ?
  7. Vivek

    Vivek Great Void Dweller

    Mumm-Ra Exclusive figure had the glow the dark feature for the whole blue body, not sure about the eyes.
  8. Vivek

    Vivek Great Void Dweller

    They are indeed painted red (not yellow), while still having the GID feature.
  9. Vivek

    Vivek Great Void Dweller

  10. Wilycub

    Wilycub Staff Writer and Artist Staff

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing, Vivek. :thumbsup
  11. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Looks pretty cool.
  12. jabus

    jabus Barbarian

    It does look pretty cool. I only opted to get the Snarf plush this year. I unfortunately were one of those who slept on getting the mega figures (figuring id get them later - dirt cheap). There was a moment there when they were getting clearance out at $20 and under. Looking at the prices they command for on the 2nd market now, they command more money than i'm willing to pay for em. Lesson learned.

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