Mezco Mezco also making Thundercats

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  1. Lordore

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    Read the Product description: ' This mega-scale figure measures over 20 inches tall from the tip of his upraised extended sword to the soles of his Thunderian boots.'

    The sword must be around 6''. Also features 7 points of articulation
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  2. Bengali

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    I actually don't like this figure. I don't know what it is but I've never been happy with any official Tcats staction/figures especially the ljn ones. 14' inches is a bit exagerated as well. I guess I wont be satisfied until the four horsemen design them :/
  3. That's what I was inferring. Figure itself is 14" tall, so the sword is probably about.....holy crap that means just the sword would be almost as tall as a MOTUC fig???


    Also would like to know more about the points of articulation. I see no ab crunch (but the again I can't make out any joints on that pic either)

    So - shoulder, thigh, waist, knee, elbow, neck, (ankle, wrist, or bicep)?

    Edit - unless there's a swappable hand, looks like claw shield isn't removable in any fashion either. Not bad by any means, just pointing it out.
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  4. Lordore

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    Something tells me that one or two of the 5 Companies making Thundercats Figures/Statues right now will be forced to stop due to an overabundance of products...

    The problem is that when you start buying fron one company then you have to stick to this, it's a matter of coherence e.g you can't buy Mezco's Lon-o, Icon Heroe's Tygra, Bandai's Classic Panthro and Hard Hero's Cheetara!

    And i find it kind of hard to complete the whole line from 5 different Companies!
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  5. Mumm-Ra

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    Found some more info.. sort of ...

    Mezco Gets Thundercats??
    January 18, 2011

    Let's start this off by saying this is ONLY a guess, or an assumption based on a note we received today. There is no guarantee that Mezco will produce Thundercats products at this time. So let's not blow it out of proportion

    We received a Toy Fair appointment reminder from Mezco this morning which included the following note:

    "We have some amazing items lined up; the award winning Mez-Itz continue to flourish, Living Dead Dolls celebrate their 13th year, and we have some exciting new properties..HO!*"

    The asterisk led to a disclaimer at the bottom of the email that read:

    "*that's a clue, not a slang insult"

    AFC of course immediately responded to Mezco asking:

    "Soooo, does the "HO!" possibly mean Thundercats??"

    We then received the following reply:

    "Ho could mean Santa. Maybe. Did he have a sword?"

    Looks pretty good to us, but again, no guarantee! Toy Fair in NYC next month will tell the tale. Be sure to stop back to AFC starting February 12th for full coverage of Toy Fair 2011.
  6. egoing

    egoing Junior Member

    They are targeting a specific audiences. Some people may want a high end statue, then the other person may want a smaller scale statue and others action figures. Variety isn't a bad thing.
  7. This is true. Plus I think a lot of fans are going to collect just the statues, or just the action figure line. There'll be some crossover sure, but I know myself personally I don't collect statues, so I'll just be sticking with the action figures. I think people should be more worried about oversaturation of variants in the 3.75" line by Bandai clogging up the peghooks (by that I mean a case composed 90% of 6 or 7 different Lion-O or Mumm-Ra variants, and only one of each of the Mutants or rest of the Cats. Once those don't sell they don't order any more to get more of those other figs in).

    Actually Lordore if you break it down there's 3 statue lines (PCS, HH, IC), 3 seperate action figure lines from Bandai (3.75", 5-6", 8" Classics), and now this new Mezco line.

    So really you're talking about 7 different Thundercats action figure/statue lines to collect.

    This Mezco deal is very interesting though. WB granted Bandai the master license, so I'm wondering did Bandai in turn sub-grant this out to make these on their behalf? Or did WB change their mind on Bandai having sole rentership of the Thundercats toy license???

    (The difference is key as the latter could still potentially leave the window open for either a really high end offering like Hot Toys, or perhaps for WB to turn the 80s license over to Mattel if Bandai's Thundercats classics falls flat. I'm still holding out hope of a Hot Toys or Sideshow Thundercats line).
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  8. mcss aerocoupe

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    Personally, I feel we are on the verge of too much variety. I am not saying variety is bad, but too much of a good thing can be bad. For example, I saw the HH Lion-O and started collecting that series. Then PCS announced their line. That forced me into a decision: keep going with HH and not bother with PCS, stop with HH to switch to PCS, or break the bank and collect both. I wasn't a fan of the PCS look or price, so I stayed with HH only. Then IH came out with the action figure sized statues. They are cheap enough to collect in addition to another statue line, but I found myself asking why. I am already getting a bigger and better statue, so why bother with the IH line?

    That made me think about the choices other people have had to make as well. If someone started with the PCS line, why would they want the HH line? PCS is bigger, has real cloth clothing, and has light-up features. But the bigger point is that if there was no PCS or HH statue lines, the IH line would have much more demand and, as a result, sales.

    When it was Bandai having new and original series figures, it made perfect sense. But now there appears to be 2 Bandai series of new figures to choose from, and then choosing between Bandai and Mezco for original series figures.

    Good variety is having a statue line, an action figure line, a clothing line, a book line, a video game line, a backpack line, etc. Too much variety, in my opinion, is having 3 statue lines, 4 action figure lines, etc. Now if ThunderCats would take off and become as big and popular as Star Wars, then having multiple lines of stuff would make perfect sense.

    My biggest worry is that there will be so much variety to pick from that no single line can get the sales numbers needed to keep the line going.
  9. Vivek

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  10. Jaga86

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    Looks great and hoping for UK releases of these!
  11. Mike Bock

    Mike Bock Active Member

    He looks amazing! I preordered him yesterday.
  12. Lilith

    Lilith Active Member

    The Mezco Lion-O looks great! Wish it was smaller though. No way I'd have the room to display a collection of those.
  13. jesusprime

    jesusprime New Member

    I love all the versions we've seen has been the best
    has captured the essence of Lion-o we know, I'll buy,
    (In fact I have it preordered) then I would regret if not
    so, I feel that after waiting so we are finally seeing something
    worth of cosmic cat, we should expect that more will take
    but so far look good.
  14. With Bandai putting out a direct competitor in the Classics line (not as big, but probably at least as articulated), I've got to wonder how long this Mezco line will make it. On the other hand, these might turn into highly sought after collectibles.

    Mulling over pre-ordering one.
  15. Would like to see a Vultureman and Sslithe variant of this
  16. Snake-Eyes

    Snake-Eyes Junior Member

    It's amazing isn't it? Years of nothing new for the fans, then we're bombarded not only with the 'Hard Hero' statues but now the new BANDAI line and this awesome MEZCO version as well! Yep, I'll be snaring this bad boy!
  17. PaulNomad

    PaulNomad Junior Member

    You are absolutely right about over-saturation. The problem originates with WB who seems very happy to take money from as many companies as possible with little worry over what it will do for the longevity of any product on the shelves. No matter how good any one thing is, the more options you have, especially with several price points to choose from, the more you force every company to compete.

    Also, in the article I wrote on Idle Hands, I pointed out that Mez's large scale figures are usually rotocast to keep down costs, just FYI. This should give you some idea of the look and feel of the figure in person.
  18. That would put it about the same size, articulation, and casting as Tytus from MOTUC.


    Edit - on your subject, someone please send WB a link to Sideshow or Hot Toyz websites....PLEASE!!!! If they're going to start spreading this thing around, I'd really like some Sideshow or Hot Toyz love for Thundercats

    (wouldn't hestitate a second to drop $150 on a Sideshow Thundercats in the same vein as their G.I. Joe line).
  19. Bengali

    Bengali Rampager

    Hot Toys does amazing stuff but thier figures are mostly based on realistic characters and live action movies, don't really know what they could do with Tcats. Unless they do a line based off this famous image (which would be beyond epic!)

  20. PaulNomad

    PaulNomad Junior Member

    Well thats the funny thing. Mez has a 14 inch license. Who has 12?

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