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    I just received the new Lion-O 14" Mega Scale Action Figure by Mezco and here's what I think of it: I like it! It has a lot going for it, but it has a few minor flaws..

    The paint job is good. Colors, not 100% cartoon accurate but it looks good! I dont know why they gave Lion-O a lighter colored stomach, I know some old comics did that aswell, but I dont think it was part of his original design...
    I love the size, 14" is pretty tall and it displays nicely.


    It also makes for a very large Sword Of Omens, 22 CM! Speaking of accessories, They are all great! The full size sword is beautifully done, as well as the Claw Shield. But what I really love is the first (apart from the IH SDCC exclusive and maybe some roleplay toys) dagger-sized Sword Of Omens! Its very cartoon accurate and its geat!


    The Claw is interchangeable with the left hand. It has a plug-and-hole system...


    One thing I don't like is the sculpt of the right hand.. It has this "holding up a sword" pose that looks very unnatural..


    The other thing that bugs me is the neck.. it's too long! And Lion-O's head doesn't really " fit"...


    Overall, this is a great figure! It is roto-cast so a bit less articulation than some people would like, but I'm fine with it..

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