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  1. Cap'n Cracka

    Cap'n Cracka Mutant

    Well we know Mezco is continuing the Mega Thundercats line with at least this next release of Tygra in October. Maybe Toy Fair will also have a surprise Thundercats announcement but we will find that out in a few days. But going go the facts as of now, we at least get Tygra. This is putting the cart way before the horse but, i was thinking... IF The Mega-Scale line continues after Tygra, Who would you want to see released after Tygra???

    I know a lot of people will say the WilyKit and WilyKat. If the line continues, I think we will see them but I don't think we would see them with the release after. This is only my opinion but I think they would need to come out with a strong release for the next one after Tygra. Because of that and because it has been a while since Mezco has released a villain for this line, I think the next likely one we could see would be Grune.

    Here are my reasons...

    -There has now been a years absence since we have seen a Thundercats Mega-Scale release. That itself built anticipation for the next one. The next one is Tygra. Collectors can now add Tygra to the line up and have more of a complete collection. This addition would also increase collectors to start collecting line because it is close to complete. All of this creates a buzz to hopefully boost sales of this and hopefully the next release.
    -The release after this one would have to be a big to help solidify the line and keep it going. They haven't done a villain in a while now and both have been Mumm-ra. Starting with the Mutants could be a risky move if they are not going to do ALL of the Mutants because they would be putting collectors in the same "well i don't know if they are going to do all of them so I don't want to start collecting them" scenario.
    -Grune would add another villain to the line.
    - Grune could be a great cornerstone for a new release push
    - In my opinion, I believe Grune would be a character that collectors would definitely want to add to collection.
    -It would also give them options as far as "Limited Edition" versions like the Cheetara with Glow in the Dark eyes with Snarf and the Mumm-ra 2 pack. A normal Grune "The Destroyer" figure could be released and as a "Limited Edition" Grune as a Thundercat could be a great variant that I think collectors would enjoy.
    - I believe a variant like that would be relatively cheap. It would be using the same body molds. Just adding the logo to the chest. Possibly could also go with the common variant they have done and give the Thundercat Grune a different head (like Lion-O and Cheetara) including his other sabretooth. Again, making this release MUCH more collectable.
    - Two Limited Edtion 2 pack's would become an option "Grune "The Destroyer Vs. Young Jaga" (Normal Grune villain release) "Thundercat Grune Vs. Young Jaga" Limited Edition would also become an option. This would then give way more mileage out of the same releases and also give them a collectors twist and incentive.
    - That could then lead to a Jaga "The Wise" figure aka Old Jaga. Same body mold. New paint and New head. New release.
    - This one is a bit of a stretch but a Jaga (in spirit form) figure could be released done in the blue (similar to Panthro) and have him a 3 pack that includes the Wily Kit and Wily Kat. That makes for a lot of Jaga figures yes but it gives every release a bit of a twist, making the all Limited editions and a reason to purchase. I think that would be a very solid line for collectors and a solid plan for releases. Also good ways to get the most out of each release.
    -If that would be successful that could hopefully set up getting the Mutants or other figures.

    Sorry for this being so long, but i just started thinking about. Who would you want to see released from Mezco next? Who do you think Mezco will release??
  2. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    I would definitely wanna see the completion of the mega-scale line with Jaga, the ThunderKittens, and the Mutants.
  3. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    Grune has always been a favorite of mine since I saw "The Ghost Warrior". He has the appeal of a Thundercat and is a baddie! I just really enjoy everything about him from the look to the voice, so it goes without saying that he would be a definite buy for myself! If not him than I would have to say Wilykit and Wilykat (as a two-pack) or ghost Jaga. :thumbsup:
  4. Cap'n Cracka

    Cap'n Cracka Mutant

    This is a far fetched idea because I know it would probably involve getting the proper license but would there be any interest in a Mezco plush Snarf?? Mezco has done some plus figures before, so they do have the ability to make them. I know I myself would be interested. When there was that new Snarf plush floating around rumored to be produced it seemed like there was some interest even though the design was only so so. The sale prices on the vintage plush Snarf seem to be going for higher than the have been in a while, it seems. More collectors seem to be looking for them and I also believe that item may also be drawing some more collectors of vintage themed plush characters. So Snarf as a plush would have some potential cross over into other markets. Would anyone else been interested in Mezco doing a Plush Snarf ?? (or am i the only one)
  5. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    I would be thrilled with a plush Snarf! Even more so, having small kids I know they would go nuts for it! I was totally planning on buying the rumored one that was never released as the vintage one is way out of my price range.
  6. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    I'd be all for a Mezco-made plush Snarf.
  7. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Grune would be a good choice especially as like you said it would be easy for them to make a variant of him.

    Personally though I would rather see a large Mutant like Sssslithe or Monkian. :slythe:
  8. LeoTigris

    LeoTigris Berbill

    Well, they mentioned a limited edition Tygra. That could be paired up with the Ghost of Jaga figure, similar to the Mumm-Ra sculpt. Maybe translucent.

    Thunder kittens can come out as a two pack. Option two is to create the articulated version of Jaga and Grune, then pair up the kitten statues with them.

    That would get us a great set.
  9. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Pairing Jaga with Tygra though doesn't really make much sense as he never seen the spirit form of Jaga. If their was going to be a variant of Tygra it would make more sense for Tygra to be translucent. But then again they did pair Snarf with the Cheetara variant instead of Lion-O.
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  10. Gerrit

    Gerrit Berserker

    I think we need one of the mutants of Jaga next!

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