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    I remember seeing those shows on a Saturday on ITV along with WCW (World Championship Wrestling).
    A-team had amazing theme music. :D
    Columbo is a great show although the later season episodes when it was brought back were a bit hit an miss. Some were still very good but lacked a lot of the greatness of the original 70's episodes.

    Speaking of ''Murder, She Wrote'' I was quite surprised a while back to learn that the harbour set from ''Jaws'' was used in ''Murder She, Wrote''.
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    I hope youz all don't mind me joining in the discussion here. Jaws is a masterpiece in my opinion. I dont think Spielberg's any other movie tops it. It does slow down a bit here and there but only for a little while. But when the shark is on the screen it is just terrifying! One of the best scenes (and Spielberg's nod to Hitchcock) is when he uses the zoom-in shot of Chief Bordy sitting on the beach, which is a reverse of the technique that Hitchcock used in Psycho.

    I loved Hooper and wish that he had been in Jaws 2 as well. I enjoyed Jaws 2 and 3 as well. Jaws 4 was an abomination in every way. It doesn't even count as those "so bad it's good" type of movies. It was just plain bad on every level. Its a shame that a franchise that started with the amazing Jaws ended with the horrible Jaws 4.
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    Latecomers are welcome to any Movie Club/ROCKS discussion thread! If people want to join in any of the discussions, they're welcome to do so!
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    It would be great if you and other would join in on the discussions. I believe the next movie we are doing is the Blues Brothers followed by the Original Star Wars Trilogy.
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    Was browsing on youtube the other day and I'm clearly not alone in noticing the similarities between the Jaws music and Sol Kaplan's score from the original Star Trek episode "The Doomsday Machine" back in 1967. Someone has put Kaplan's music on top of the climax of Jaws:

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    Thanks for bumping this thread. It's nice to think about a summer film (even a horrific one like Jaws) at this time of year.

    The first time I saw Jaws was a network TV showing back in the '80's - which obviously edited out all the "good" parts. I didn't see it in it's entirety until the regular DVD, years later. Several years ago, I saw Jaws on Blu-ray for the first time; excellent picture quality - though not perfect, far better than the DVD. Even in HD, I think the shark looks halfway decent (though still obviously fake). The initial scene when it comes out of the water is still fairly startling.

    This is a perfect summer film. The storyline involving the small resort town business owners worried about closing the beach (due to the shark) because of the money they will lose was realistic. This brings to mind these towns on the New England coast (and other beach towns) that primarily get their money from tourists during the summer, and then essentially shut down in the Fall/Winter seasons.

    Jaws also features one of Robert Shaw's best roles. I like the scene when all of the townspeople are arguing about how best to handle the shark, and Shaw scratches the blackboard with his fingernails, thereby getting everyone's attention. It was ironic (though not unexpected) that Shaw's tough-as-nails/seen-it all fisherman character was the one that got eaten by the shark & the other two survived; despite the fact that Shaw was the one guy who you thought would be most prepared for anything.

    I was amused by the incredibly ugly/tacky suit jackets the Mayor of the town always wore; his worst fashion statement was wearing the gray suit jacket with all of the anchors - I know he was probably trying to be hip since it had a nautical theme, but IMHO it looked ridiculous. His other jacket with the green/purple?! stripes looked even worse. Well, it was the '70's. I also grew up in the late '70's/early '80's, and remember the clothes, bowl hair-cuts, etc. Definitely a bad era for fashion, which was reflected in the films from that time period. I definitely wouldn't be caught dead wearing anything like that now, though I still see some people wearing clothes like these today [​IMG]
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    Cool. Feel free to browse all the old movie club (and also ROCKS) posts and share any other thoughts you have!

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