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    Definitely, do watch the rest of the season. It's only 10 eps long anway and you've already seen 2 so just 8 left. :) I was very impressed by William Zabka's performance. The writers have done a great job and there are plenty of homages and references to the original movie as well as the inclusion of some fan theories.
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    I saw the Cobra Kai series in it's entirety this past summer, and felt it was fantastic! I wasn't sure if a "sequel" to the original films would work that well, but I was pleasantly surprised. Solid series, with 0 weak moments.

    First, it was very interesting to see Johnny (William Z.) having fallen so far in life, to the point that you actually felt sorry for the character. One of my favorite scenes was near the beginning of Episode 1, when he hit on that gorgeous 20-something jogger; it was funny how she not only rejected him, but put him down (calling him a creep) - LOL. Johnny was obviously living in the past to a great extent, since those were his best memories - but the present had obviously caught up to him.

    Conversely, Daniel (Macchio) was the opposite - a very successful businessman, who was trying to incorporate his old teachings with Mr. Miyagi into his car dealership re: giving the "bonzai trees" to everyone who bought a car - LOL.

    Interesting that Johnny started the karate studio, and that his students were essentially the social rejects that he had looked down on when he was their age. Very ironic, but that was the whole point.

    Being an '80's kid, I really liked the '80's rock/pop music - great homage to the original film & era.

    Another favorite scene was when Daniel & Johnny were in the bar, and were both reminiscing about the Elizabeth Shue character (whom they had both dated). Daniel was obviously "following" her on Facebook, and it was funny how he knew so much about her, despite his insistence that he wasn't interested in her anymore - LOL.

    I'm also glad that Zabka & Macchio decided to make the show now. If they had waited 5-10 more years, I feel that they would have been too old for the role(s).

    Looking forward to Season 2 - hopefully it will come out next year.

    Trivia: I just looked this up, and when the first Karate Kid film came out in 1984, Macchio was 23; Zabka was 19; and Shue was 21 (though, the movie had probably been filmed the year before it's release). And, they were all playing high school students. Not surprising, given that HS students are typically played by people of an older age (as long as they look young enough) - but it's still interesting.
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