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    A big thanks to everyone that are joining us through all of this.

    For October, we've picked a few scary movies in the runup to Halloween. This week we're doing the 1982 film "The Thing", picked by Mark M.

    Remember any ideas for films to discuss are most welcome, and should be made on the Movie Club Introduction thread (the sticky one), and anyone is welcome to add their thoughts about movies already discussed on their respective threads.

    Just a friendly reminder to everyone that, whilst fans are obviously welcome to passionately discuss and give their views on these movies, please remember to keep things on a friendly footing and respect your fellow posters.
    Also, please do not post where or how to find the full movie online. And do not post asking others to PM it to you. You are however allowed to watch the movie in whatever manner you want.
  2. The Drifter

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    The Thing is a great choice to discuss in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Excellent horror flick set in the isolated Arctic, and one of the best from the '80's. The setting, horrific creatures, and effects were all spot-on. Many of the creature effects were so sickening to the point of being stomach-turning; even though you knew they were fake, in many cases they really looked real.

    Note there is a 2011 "prequel" film (also called "The Thing") that takes place directly before the events in the '82 film; IMHO, the 2011 film did do a good job of re-creating the early '80's (as much as possible, since they were all stuck out in the Arctic in the midddle of nowhere). The walkman playing Men at work (one of my favorite groups from back in the day), the '80's haircuts, etc. were all well-done.

    These days, my preferred way to watch both films is the 2011 Thing first, and then the '82 Thing. I like how the 2011 film dove-tails perfectly into the'82 film, and IMHO it's like watching one long movie.

    Have to also say that the CGI creatures/effects in the 2011 Thing weren't bad. However, the '82 effects were better, and much more grotesque...
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  3. Mark M

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    The Thing is a great horror movie.
    The isolated Arctic setting really helps add to the danger.
    Kurt Russell is brilliant in the lead role but the entire cast is great.
    The special effects are wonderful.
    The 2011 prequel/remake is okay. It has some good parts. I like how the ending fits into the start of this movie. Although I was disappointed in how much of the 2011 version seems to just be a remake of the original rather than offering anything different.
  4. The Drifter

    The Drifter Berbill

    I definitely agree that the 2011 prequel film is not nearly as good or iconic as the '82 original movie. However, I don't think it was ever meant to be a re-make of the original (even though that may be what it seemed on first glance), given that it was supposed to tell the story of what occurred before the events in the '82 film.

    That all being said, it was definitely impossible to top the original Kurt Russel film!
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  5. Mark M

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    The 2011 film is still good but as you said it was going to be impossible to top the '82 film.
    Although I must say I really must re-watch the 2011 film sometime. It was nice that they did make the prequel in a way to fill out the back story.
  6. LiamABC

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    I've just seen it. Pretty good. Not my usual sort of thing but enjoyable.

    It's the typical "get them one by one" horror type of movie, but it was a big influence on what came later. In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, they utilised blood testing when they were frightened of the Changelings. That sort of "testing to find out who the traitor is" scene is always a guaranteed hit for suspense.

    The effects were very much of the time. That's perfectly OK, I've said many times that the special effects/CGI are not what drives a movie. You don't come up with an effects shot and then work out a way of working it into a movie, you keep it for a movie that needs that sort of effect.

    I did like the fact that playing on the radio was Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" - very apt!

    The influences on this movie were clearly Alien (which I've not seen) and Jaws (which I have).

    Seeing the arctic - or in this case antarctic - base just put me in mind of one of my favourite books by Alistair MacLean, "Night Without End", and wondering how it would have looked if it had ever been filmed. MacLean wrote a few books with an arctic setting, although the ones that were filmed were a pale imitation of the original stories, which probably goes a long way to explaining why he's generally thought of nowadays as writing just WW2 stories. The best film adaptions of his books were both WW2 stories - The Guns Of Navarone and Where Eagles Dare, both of which we've covered in Movie Club already (although if you haven't seen either, do check them out!).
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