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Discussion in 'Introductions & Off Topic' started by LiamABC, May 10, 2019.

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    WELCOME EVERYBODY TO THE LATEST DISCUSSION THREAD OF THE NEW MOVIE CLUB. A big thanks to everyone that are joining us through all of this.

    This week we're back in the 1980s with the comedy Three Men And A Baby.

    Remember any ideas for films to discuss are most welcome, and should be made on the Movie Club Introduction thread (the sticky one), and anyone is welcome to add their thoughts about movies already discussed on their respective threads.

    Just a friendly reminder to everyone that, whilst fans are obviously welcome to passionately discuss and give their views on these movies, please remember to keep things on a friendly footing and respect your fellow posters.
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    @LiamABC a very good choice.

    This is a charming film I always enjoyed. Although I must admit I preferred the sequel as I grew up seeing it more on TV.

    The plot is quite interesting and the characters are very likeable and it's funny watching them adapt to looking after the baby.

    One of my favourite scenes that always fascinated me was the start with the artwork being painted on the walls. Perhaps that played a part in my artistic profession.
    Coincidently my next commission is a mural on a garden shed. :)

    I like the way they catch the crooks at the end.

    My only nit pick with the film is that the end drags on a bit too long.

    Overall a very enjoyable film.

    I am somewhat surprised they haven't made another sequel yet called ''3 Men and a Woman''.

    There was a bit of an odd story surrounding this movie that there was a ghost seen in the background in a scene, but allegedly it was just a child of the workers or an extra in the wrong place.

    A bit unrelated but if they had made a live action Centurions movie back in the 80's Tom Selleck would have been perfect as Max Ray. I don't think Ted Danson or Steve Guttenberg would have been good choices for Ace McCloud or Jake Rockwell lol. ;) What do you think @Wilycub ?
  3. LiamABC

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    This is a film I'd only seen once before in my life, but enjoyed, and so I picked it for this week when seeing a friend on the way home from my weekly 15-mile walk and he happened to mention it.

    I first heard about this film by virtue of the fact of its being directed by Leonard Nimoy, he mentioned it in his autobiography "I Am Spock". He directed about half a dozen films in the 80s and 90s, and this was his first feature film as a director outside the world of Star Trek. Watching this makes me wonder why he didn't do more directing because this is a damn good film.

    When I read Nimoy's autobiography he mentioned the original French film that this was derived from, and how the original English script wasn't up to much for the sole reason that the writer of the French version was basically dictating the direct translation into English of her original French script.

    The plot is your typical 80s fish-out-of-water comedy drama type. Quite similar in some ways to K-9, the baby is left on their doorstep and the heroes initially resent it but gradually accept what's happened and even reach the point where they can't imagine her not being there. Also involved in both is a big drugs bust.

    The three leads are fun. Ted Danson is playing pretty much the same sort of character as he played in Cheers for over a decade (and indeed was still playing at the time the film was made). You can imagine something like this actually happening in Cheers, come to think of it. I don't know much about Tom Selleck but Steve Guttenberg is playing his part very much the same as he played Newton Crosby in Short Circuit.

    Also the moment that Selleck and Guttenberg realise that the package to be collected wasn't the baby but the small parcel that was handed to them very low-key. And it then takes another few minutes before it hits them that this means if the baby isn't the package to be collected, then they're stuck with it!

    A fun movie, and one I'm glad to have seen again. We'll do the sequel soon but not right away, as Doris Day is worth paying tribute to immediately.

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