Mumm-Ra's powers compared to his OS counterpart

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    Compared to his abilities in the original series, how would one describe and even rate Mumm-Ra's powers in the reboot series?

    Personally, i can't help but view Mumm-Ra's powers in the OS as something that frequently changed, based on the plot of the episode. Also, i think he overused the shape-shifting thing enough times that the TCats should have been more cautious in regards to it, if that makes sense.

    In regards to his weaknesses; i feel that having him be vulnerable to the light of day is a far more believable Achilles heel than just looking at his own reflection. Personally, I always found that one a bit silly, to be perfectly honest. In contrast though, having daylight be his weakness, while still being a common cliche, does still line up rather nicely with his whole "omnipotent, all-powerful creature of darkness" vibe, which is quite obviously a major part of his character.

    Also, as long as we're on the topic of his powers, can we really call Mumm-Ra's abilities magic anymore? I mean, considering he originally used to rely on advanced technology and it was revealed that the Swords of Omens and Plun-Darr are actually not magical weapons, but conduits for cosmic energy, the notion that Mumm-Ra's powers are magic is left up for debate. This could just as easily be one of those scenarios where Mumm-Ra merely possesses certain abilities that less advanced beings would call magic, but it's really not, at least not in the traditional sense.
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    While OS Mumm-Ra completely disregards technology, NS Mumm-Ra embraces it.
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