My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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  2. Kameinu

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    That actually made me lol somewhat. I had seen people in various forums I go to talk about this, and I was like wtf? I never saw the original, and don't intend to. But this was actually kind of fun. I wouldn't mind watching this when nothing else is on. To bad it's in the HUB though. I don't really bother with that channel.

    Atleast I'm glad this show isn't bad. We need more girl shows along the lines of this.
  3. Sepphara

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    I love this show. The animation is sharp and fresh, the stories while having the themes that you would exspect from a kids show are still hysterical. And the characters are great. Applebucking!
  4. Movie-Brat

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    Well, Lauren Faust put alot of effort into the show. She has strong feelings about girl shows and quite frankly, this is a textbook example of how to do it right.
  5. Snow-Thunderian

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    XD Actually at first I couldn't stand it...

    Really! At first I could not STAND it. I remember the original 80's mlp, and the animation for the new series just bothered me and made me grit my teeth. Then one of my friends made me sit down and watch an episode - now I like it! XD who woulda thought?:rolleyes::thumbsup::rolleyes:
  6. Lady Ocelli

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    Yeah, I would love to watch this either by myself or with my 6 year old niece.

  7. Kameinu

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    I finished watching this yesterday. It made more sense to me watching it from the beggining. God..I'm hooked. The characters actually have some depth and are 3 3 dimensional as colorful girly ponies can get.

    And the whole thing is just freaking hilarious. I haven't laughed so much at a cartoon in a while. Plus I can relate to some of the situations and scenerios. Cannot wait for Season 2.

    Another good thing, now that I've seen the whole thing it doesn't really feel like a girls show. It's more like PPG. No wonder is has a huge male following. xD
  8. Movie-Brat

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    Well, you'd be happy to know that they're almost done with season 2. Word is that the season finale is a three parter.
  9. Kameinu

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    I've read Faust's comments on Season 2's status on DA. But had no idea on the three parter rumor. I hope it goes on for more than two seasons. But seriously..if season 2 ends on a three parter, that's pretty sweet. It'd pretty much be a movie.

    Plus I believe Luna is said to appear this season?
  10. Movie-Brat

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    Yes she is. And this is where I heard about the three parter rumor, somebody who worked on the show confirmed it on Twitter.
  11. Kameinu

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    Thanks for sharing that website and the news.
  12. Lord Slithor

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    Okay, I've been meaning to post this for a while, but I wanted to say that Ocelli and I have been watching this for the last four weeks now. So at this point I think it's safe to say that in spite of myself, I'm hooked!

    It took me a few episodes, but I found myself getting really drawn-in and liking these characters. I have a lot of female friends, and I couldn't help but think that the ponies - if they were real humans, of course - would be the kinds of people I'd love to hang with in real life. :)

    Not exactly sure how you had me figured, Movie-Brat, but yes, turned out Rainbow Dash was my favorite. You're right; I've always liked tomboys, but I liked some of the other ponies, too...

    Twilight Sparkle
    - Because I also like girls who are brainy and intellectual.

    Applejack- Because I also like girls who are earthy and practical. Plus, she reminds me of a good friend I had from South Carolina who had a southern accent exactly like hers and had a roughly similar personality.

    Pinkie Pie
    - Because I also like girls who are a little ditzy, have a something of a childlike outlook on life, and who also have a talent for baking!

    - Because I also have a thing for the shy, retiring types. They're usually very sweet and nurturing like she is.

    You're right, they really have worked their way into popular culture. When I saw that billboard ad that parodied the poster for the movie Bridesmaids, I'd say they were a legit phenomenon!

    And considering the villain Discord in the 2nd season is being voiced by John DeLancie (best known as Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation), they're scoring even more serious nerd-cred!

    One thing that I'm amazed no one has done yet is a full-length video using footage from the show set to Ginuwine's song, "Pony." Someone sort of did, but they only used the intro to the show and didn't do the entire song. It's one of those fan-videos I'm surprised no one has done yet, along with doing a video for Serenity using Metallica's rendition of "The Ecstasy of Gold," and Akira set to Skid Row's "Youth Gone Wild." I guess if you want something done right...

    I was a little disappointed to hear, though, that Lauren Faust was stepping-down as exec producer and showrunner. Her next project, though, is going to be a show for Cartoon Network called Super BFF's that centers on the adventures of Batgirl, Supergirl and Wonder Girl. If it's going to be anything like MYLP:FiM, it's guaranteed to be something special.
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  13. KorbenDallas

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    Funny show, i'm a straight guy and i love this as i think i've become a brony.

    My faves are Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.
  14. Dragon78

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    I love this show, it reminds me of the Power Puff Girls but with less action and more character developement. Yes I know about Faust and her husbund(who created PPG and Foster's Home for Imaginary friends).

    My Favorites of the main 6 in order are:
    2)Twilight Sparkle
    3)Rainbow Dash
    4)Pinkie Pie
  15. Movie-Brat

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    So, anyone enjoy watching the new episodes? The latest one had Big Macintosh and Cherliee under a love potion spell.
  16. Lord Slithor

    Lord Slithor Mutant

    That one was pretty cute. At least Big Mac got to have a lot more lines than just, "Eeeyup!"

    I thought last week's ep was better, where Rainbow Dash discovered her love of reading by getting into the adventures of Derring Do. As someone who's a big bookworm, Ocelli really got a kick out of that!:)

    I also thought the one with the Flim Flam brothers was kind of fun, as it gave the show an excuse to have an extended Broadway style musical number that didn't feel forced at all...unlike other shows that try to do the same thing (*cough!*Buffy*cough!*)
  17. Movie-Brat

    Movie-Brat Berserker

    I, too enjoyed the last one with Rainbow Dash. I find it kind of funny that not only did it air after my birthday but also the fact that a James Bond was in the episode and I recieved all four James Bond box sets as birthday gifts.
  18. Lady Ocelli

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    It's fun how they've reinterpreted the holidays and I'm looking forward to Equestria's version of Easter. :thumbsup:
  19. Kameinu

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    Last episode was hilarious. And for such a ridiculous thing to be Big Mac's first line besides "Eeeyup" and "Nope" was clever. XD

    I also enjoyed RD's venture into becoming, as she puts it, an "egghead".
  20. Lady Ocelli

    Lady Ocelli Shadowspy

    Yes, I absolutely loved the Indiana Jones style adventures and I have been a bookworm since I first started reading. :D

    Part of the reason I enjoy dabbling in fanfiction is that I see a story as an adventure I'd like to invite others to join in.

    "If at first you don't succeed, change the difficulty settings on the game."

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