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    I love writing fan fics and thought I'd give TC a try. I wrote three scenes. I am not that good of a writer like you guys are so please bare with me. Three scenes isn't a lot but I would like to get your opinions. I should probably write the whole episode first. Please comment on what you think so far. It is in script format.


    Scene 1

    Many moons away there is a planet called Plun-Darr. The blue sky has become a dirty orange color. The oceans have become nothing but a sea of flames. Trees and flowers is nothing but a long ago memory.

    Slithe, the king of the lizards, looks up in the sky as a shadow of darkness cover him like a big blanket. The sky has been taken over by vultures.

    Slithe: (To himself) That is not a good sign.

    Slithe's second in command Zaza runs towards him and is yelling as he gets closer. Zaza losses control and if it wasn't for a small rock in the way that knocked him off his feet he would have crashed into Slithe.

    Zaza: You won't believe it Slithe...You won't believe it...
    Slithe: Talk you fool.
    Zaza: The jackals...the jackals...they are leaving.
    Slithe: They are?

    Slithe looks up again.

    Slithe: The vultures are leaving as well.
    Zaza: There is nothing left on Plun-Darr. The war against the vultures and jackals have destroyed this planet. We will have to leave as well.
    Slithe: I am not abandoning Plun-Darr. With the flying monkeys and the brainless jackals gone...I will rule Plun-Darr.
    Zaza: There is nothing left to rule.

    Slithe smacks Zaza. Suddenly the earth starts to shake and crack. Flames are escaping from the cracks in the earth.

    Slithe: Seem like you do have a brain cell after all. Get the ships ready.

    Zaza: Where will we go Slithe?

    Slithe looks up at the sky again. Far away is another planet Thundera. Slithe gets an evil grin on his green face.

    Slithe: Why are you still here Zaza?

    Zaza nods and runs away.

    Scene 2

    Lion-O looks at a big wall that is outside of Cat’s Castle. Lion-O gets a flashback of when he was just a young cub.

    Voice Over (Jaga): A hundred Thunderian years ago there was a King. He was the lord of the Thundercats but power darkened his heart. He enslaved his own people.

    The scene cuts to a young Lion-O looking at the wall inquisitively.

    Lion-O: What happened to him Jaga?
    Jaga: That is a story for when you are much older my dear Lion-O.
    Lion-O: Jaga I am not a cub anymore. I am old enough.

    Jaga starts to laugh.

    Jaga: Sure you are.

    Lion-O’s flashback ends. He looks down at Snarf who is licking his paw.

    Lion-O: You know Snarf. Jaga never told me the rest of the story.
    Snarf: Snarf Snarf.

    Jaga comes out of the castle. He sees Lion-O standing in front of the wall. He walks up to him.

    Jaga: Prince Lion-O.
    Lion-O: You never told me the rest of the story Jaga.
    Jaga: Didn’t I.
    Lion-O: No you said I was too young. I am not anymore.
    Jaga: No you are not. You want to hear the rest of the story.
    Lion-O: Yes Jaga. I want to know what happened to this cruel King.
    Jaga: Then I shall tell you my young Prince.

    Jaga turns around and walks to the fountain and sits on the edge. Lion-O follows and sits in front of Jaga.

    Scene 3

    Wilykat and Wilykit are standing behind a tree. They are looking at Cat’s Castle.

    Wilykit: It is much bigger than I thought it would be Kat.
    Wilykat: It is.
    Wilykit: How are we going to get in? It must be guarded.
    Wilykat: If there is a way we will find it Kit.
    Wilykit: It must be beautiful inside. Everything must be made of gold.
    Wilykat: Floors of gold…
    Wilykit: Windows of gold…
    Wilykat: Beds of gold…
    Wilykit: And lots of food.

    Kit sees the food floatiing around her head. he floating food disspareas when Kat's stomach makes a growling sound.

    Kat and Kit runs towards the castle.

    Kit: Suddenly I don't think it is such a good idea. If they catch us we would go to the dungeons. I am too young to go to the dungeons.
    Kat: We just have to be smart. Besides we need to see him. He will be the only one that could help us.
    Kit: What if he can't?
    Kat: I saw him before Kit.

    Kat's sees an image of Tygra in his mind.

    Kat: We came a long way. We can't leave until we see him.

    Kit gives a sigh.

    Kit: Time to think of a plan to get in.
    Kat: I think I may have one. Come on Kit.

    Kat and Kit runs towards the castle's gate.
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    Excellent work here!

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