Neat looking Japenese Tcat T-shirt

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  1. I am soooo going to buy this awesome looking Thundercats Japanese t-shirt when I go to NY city in two weeks for the IHMRS convention.

    Here is the Thundercats Japan Pop Yellow T-shirt. I just love how the logo looks in Japanese! :thumbsup:
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    Ohh, that is a cool shirt. I wonder what the symbols on the side say.
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    I went through my Japanese dictionaries and the Kanji on the ride side of the Thundercats symbol translates to 'Sword Of Omens' ;)
  5. I've seen that shirt on a few sites and its ok. The overall selection of Thundercats shirts compared to G.I. Joe and Transformers (not talking about the quantity so much as the quality of the designs) is sort of meh at best. I put a number of tees of 80s properties on my Christmas list this year and found some cool G.I. Joe, Transformers, and a few others. The only Thundercats one I found that I liked the design of is the "Mumm-Ra the Ever Living" shirt

    But I don't like that its only in black!!! That's the other problem that not only plagues Thundercats shirts but pretty much almost every other line of 80s tees is that several of the ones I would consider buying for the design, I won't get because I don't wear black or white. This particularly plagues the Thundercats Eye of Thundera shirt. 95% of those are only in either black or white (with one exception I saw where the shirt was yellow and the logo had a teal cat in a purple background, almost like it would appear if you were to show the negative of the T-Cats logo in Microsoft Paint or something). If they had the eye of Thundera in a red, blue, or green in addition to the black shirt you most commonly find it offered would be much more appealing.

    I understand why they would only offer that tee in black or white, because those two are probably #1 and #2 in colors worn by people in general. However, if that Mumm-Ra shirt had been in Maroon, I would absolutely snatch it up. Still there are some great 80s choices.
  6. Unfortunately I never did get that t-shirt when I was in New York friends and I got lost and it was my job to navigate back to the convention center so we didn't miss our bus home. When my friends and I turned down this one street, I found the store (three blocks away from our bus) but I was low on cash on hand because since I didn't find the store earlier, I bought other souvenirs. I wasn't going to use my credit card in person in New York. Also, it was time to head home. However I am able to order the shirt online.

    That's a nice website, Grune! I would love to get the red tank top as I always wear tank tops around the house. I also like the one hoodie but I don't care for the plaid on it.

    Ordering shirts is going to have to wait since I just did all of my Christmas shopping for my kids and I'm broke. I don't know the first thing about Transformers but my son said "I want the one that turns into a fighter jet!" Umm, okay, that narrows down my choices because they mostly are either cars or fighter jets and I don't know the first thing about that show. I hope I got the right one because it cost me $45 for that one toy. LOL At least my daughter was easier "I want fairies! I want the Tinkerbell dress with wings"
  7. lynxana, that would narrow it down to about half of the decepticons, regardless of if he's talking about the 80's cartoon or the movie, LOL.

    I'd go off more on a tangent but Blackiecats doesn't like Transformer talk for some reason. Anyways, either or both have selections of Thundercats shirts, but again I'm not thoroughly impressed with any of them enough to buy them. Again, I'd get an Eye of Thundera one if you could find it in Red, or Blue or something....but they're almost all black with a few variations of white ones.

    The Mumm-Ra shirt (even though its black) is by far the best TCats one you'll find IMO. I'd get that one to lift in at the gym.
  8. *queen lynxana grins

    I don't want to stir stuff up, but yeah, you're right, Blackiecats doesn't care for Transformers to be discussed here. I don't even care about it but I don't want this thread closed. My 8 yr old son....well, that's another story LOL He cares. "Mommy, no! He's a bad guy!" "Um, how?" "Because of this" *points to emblem. ;)

    Sorry for the late reply but I had to finish a week's worth of final exams for my first semester of college and finish a research Psychology paper on childhood autism. I haven't been to college since I was 18 back in 1995, well I turned 19 in August, three months after I left. But for another sentence of bragging, I did kick ass considering I haven't been in a classroom in 15 years, got a 3.0 GPA with no remedial classes (classes to bring you up to par with regular classes) Hey, I am the Queen of Thundera afterall, you really didn't expect a regular Thundercat to score this high did you? ;) Notice only Ex-Thundercats get their own special cartoon episodes or comics? Thundercats Origins and Villains comic don't count! Grune got a few Tcat cartoon episodes, Lynxana got a few comic book issues. LOL

    But anyways, I'm now going to go out of my way to find Tcat shirts made with colors other than black and white.

    It would be pretty cool to find a shirt with Grune on Navy Blue, perhaps a scene with him fighting Jaga.
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    The way a forum works is you usually discuss the topic in hand and not drift the thread off to something else. If you want to discuss Transformers, then by all means do so, so long as it's in the general topic forum and not taking over a Thundercats topic.

    Some people do not want to browse through threads discussing Thundercats, to find half the posts are going off discussing Transformers instead :)

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