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  1. I finally broke down and purchased a 2011 figure...notice anything strange;):cool:

  2. luketommo2

    luketommo2 Vortex Explorer

    That will be worth a bit in years to come.

    I just wonder how many mistakes bandai will make and of any moulds/production figures will be found/sold
  3. Like any toy line - there will end up being some neat errors that are found over the course of the series.

    I am sure molds will turn up but it could be 10 years...:eek:
  4. mcss aerocoupe

    mcss aerocoupe Moderator

    I saw a few on eBay. Unlike other errors, the only way to be certain these are real errors is to look at the back of the back and verify only 1 piece of tape per side, and no box art missing from original tape being pulled off... I think. Even finding in-store, someone could have returned it after playing with the figure/box some.
  5. Kameinu

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    Frankly I don't see the same value most of you guys see in this errors, atleast packaging errors. Maybe raise the value of the MIB figures a few bucks, but nothing amazing.

    Either way, nice find, lol. It is always amusing to see this type of stuff though.

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