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Discussion in 'Modern Collectables' started by Vivek, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Vivek

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  2. Lordore

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    Now this face looks much more similar to Cheetara than the previous dull expression!! They got the message. It's very impressive how a little improvement can change positively the whole appearence.:thumbsup:
  3. Mark / Grizzlor

    Mark / Grizzlor Site Director Staff

    I for one think this is a much improved version. The turnaround is great too. A very vivacious Cheetara indeed.

    [​IMG] Newly approved version

    [​IMG] Fan submitted version (a bit more angry looking)

    [​IMG] Original version posted by Hard Hero
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  4. Lord LionO

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  5. He-Fan

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    Chris here...

    Wow, that is one hell of an improvement, I'm shocked that such a small change could make such a big difference! :)

    Fair play to Hard Hero for listening to the fans and responding swiftly, decisively and well! :thumbsup:

    Take care... :)
  6. mcss aerocoupe

    mcss aerocoupe Moderator

    Hi all, been a non-registered visitor here for some time, so howdy y'all.

    On topic, at first glance, the new design is much better than the first. But something still just seems a tad off. After reading the posts so far, I agree with Lord LionO about the blue eye liner. But that wasn't what made her face feel off to me. Personally, the stripes over her eyes don't look right to me now.

    In the original design, the stripes went up to the corners of her face and almost as far down as the middle of her mouth. Searching Google Images to see if my memory was wrong, I found that the original design seems to have fairly accurate stripes, while the new design seems to have fairly accurate eyes and mouth.

    I might do a quick and dirty photoshop to combine them to see what it'd look like... But I was always going to pre-order Cheetara, now I can do so.

    Edit: Couldn't resist editing the pic. Hopefully it will upload properly. Note, this is a quick & dirty edit to give the idea of what I'm talking about...

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  7. Lord LionO

    Lord LionO Mutant

    OK, to make this statue dead on perfect, I think these changes are in the right direction.

    - She needs the blue eyeliner back. Not thick like the past shots but a simple thin stroke that accentuates the oval shape of her eyes.

    - Her hair needs some breakage from the wind. Its not chewing gum stuck to her scalp lol! It needs to flow in the wind!

    - Her left arm needs a bit more of a inside bend, not such straight stiffness.

    - Unclench her fist, it kills the flow of the pose. Her arm and the fist is like a exclamation point at the end of a sentence. The pose needs more fluidity and this stops the body language very awkwardly.

    - The torso needs to turn in a bit to the right, as if just coming out of the turn making the pose more dramatic.

    - The arm holding the staff can be slightly more angled, again for more drama.

    Now, don't get me wrong. I have already pre-ordered Cheetara and I'll be very happy when I receive her, however, I think these changes can help improve and capture the essence of the dramatic pose.
  8. Copperkid

    Copperkid Vortex Explorer

    thanks for listening to the fans, i've never experienced anything like this before. thank you!
  9. tcatartist

    tcatartist Crabman

    Hard Hero is to be commended for doing better at listening to the fans, valuing their opinions, than WB.

    The facial expression change is a great improvement indeed. Personally, I'm quite impressed with the updated face because it is not dated & more natural looking.

    Lord Lion-O, I can see what you would like. I'm quite sure that there can be more versions made of each of the main characters later. I can see second and third runs of the characters, should the statues sell well on the first run. I'm sure it would be great to have the excellent yet different versions, collector-wise?
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  10. Lord LionO

    Lord LionO Mutant

    Yeah, I agree. Its really great to see Hard Hero really care about the fans and pull through. As for the points I made, I think they are just things that bring the statue closer to the screen grab. I can't wait till they reveal the next character though!!! :)
  11. willeya

    willeya Guest

    Cheetara's facial markings

    MCSS You are right. The mask needs to be more up -- covering between the temples and upper hairlline. Here's a quick pic of one of my cells on my office wall. We need a hint of blue on the eyelids.


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