New He-Man movie news = New hope for TCats?

Discussion in 'ThunderCats (2011)' started by Mark / Grizzlor, May 25, 2007.

  1. Mark / Grizzlor

    Mark / Grizzlor Site Director Staff

    Great news, that you probably don't want to get too excited about given how many movies never actually get off the ground but looks like this is fairly official news that a He-Man movie is in development.

    Warner is behind it which gives me hopes that ThunderCats as the other hot potential 80s property that they own will see new life too.

    I really liked the description in the article about making the He-Man movie feel like 300 did. I friggin loved 300 and think that a similarly styled He-Man flick would KICK ass.
  2. catspat

    catspat also known as...Leppardra

    Wow, that is interesting news! Will this be a traditionally animated movie or will the animation be computer-generated? Or will it be a live-action film?:bengali:

    And anything that brings hope for a T-Cat revival is good news indeed. Now, let's just hope that Warner Brothers gets it right by actually learning about the fans first and then going on to a new series.:cheetaraveryhappy:
  3. Mark / Grizzlor

    Mark / Grizzlor Site Director Staff

    It sounds like a live action version to me, at least from what the article said about the concept being to copy elements of 300.
  4. catspat

    catspat also known as...Leppardra

    A live-action film would be okay for He-Man. But I don't think I'd like seeing a live-action T-Cat film. A lot of fans probably won't agree with me, but I think Lion-O and Company would be far better served if they remained in cartoon form. Only have the cartoon of the same quality as X-Men: Evolution or Star Wars: Clone Wars.:bengali:
  5. Mark / Grizzlor

    Mark / Grizzlor Site Director Staff

    I used to think you could only make a cheezy live action TCats movie but I've changed my mind on this... when I think of the job they did on X-Men 2 with Beast and Nightcrawler I really start thinking you could pull of ThunderCats too.

    Check out these images too... I like the Panthro and Tygra, not so keen on the Lion-O one (looks like Dolph Lundgren) though. I really think that it could work...

    I'd prefer to see a new Cartoon that had a solid 2 or 3 season run than a live action flick... but I'd love to have a well done movie too.

  6. Mark / Grizzlor

    Mark / Grizzlor Site Director Staff

  7. catspat

    catspat also known as...Leppardra

    The 3D Panthro isn't bad, but the Lion-O one isn't good at all. It's slap-dash. I don't care for the costume he's wearing; he looks like a character out of a third-rate "ancient Rome" movie. And the accessories on Tygra's arm and shoulder are too exaggerated to blend smoothly with the rest of his outfit.:thumbsdown:

    No, the ThunderCats are far better off as animated characters in a cartoon show or animated film. Live-action or 3D doesn't do them justice.:bengali:
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  8. omicron

    omicron Junior Member


    Sounds like a great idea there as well. They did a Power Rangers movie back in the 90's and for what it was it wasn't to bad. They could definitely pull this off and make it look great.
  9. Bengali

    Bengali Rampager

    Those Tygra and Panthro are sick, I like how Panthro is like on a shore at dawn [​IMG]
  10. He-Fan

    He-Fan Legacy Team Member

    Chris here...

    I could be wrong, but I'm 99% sure that the Lion-O image you see there is a photoshopped photo of Dolph Lundgren portraying He-Man in the 1987 live-action Masters of the Universe movie (which I dislike) - I agree, not a great fan of that costume for Lion-O. The other two I think look great, though! :)

    Take care... :)
  11. catspat

    catspat also known as...Leppardra

    It is? No wonder it looked so bad.:thumbsdown:

    And I'll hazard a guess that Dolph Lundgren wasn't too great as He-Man. Am I correct?

    On the bright side, I hope you got the chance to eyeball the He-Man/She-Ra animation cels that Grizzlor posted. They're great!:D
  12. pain

    pain Junior Member

    yeah, I will believe the He-Man movie is coming out when I have my ticket stub in my pocket, and popcorn in my lap.
  13. Mark / Grizzlor

    Mark / Grizzlor Site Director Staff

    Luckily, the only day I can go to the con this year is the day of the panel...prepare for video and photos!
  14. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    If your able to record the whole panel on video, Manny, that would be super cool! Will they allow you to do that?
  15. pain

    pain Junior Member

    At the JoeCon last year, people were photographing at I believe they also had two people videotaping Sgt. Slaughter's session. So perhaps, you may be able to video.

    Also, that Tygra and Panthro are mean (in a really good way) Lion-O is a no-go though.
  16. Mark / Grizzlor

    Mark / Grizzlor Site Director Staff

    Val said he would be able to get permission for'm sure I'll be able to share it on this site as well. ;)
  17. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    I saw! I posted that message above before I headed over to :D
  18. pain

    pain Junior Member

    All I know, is it better be really good news. I am tired of my two favorite properties from the 80's (MOTU and TCats) getting the shaft.

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