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    I'd agree with that. Of course, the interesting thing is that Mumm-Ra didn't really become the main antagonist until late in the second episode. He didn't appear at all in the first episode, and for the first half of the second episode, he was still just some sort of sorcerer who might prove to be helpful to the mutants. Then he transformed himself for the first time and the whole series dynamic changed in an instant . . .
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    I agree. But then again the first few episodes are really a 4-5 parter.
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    I agree. At least in Transformers they had a reason for killing off Megatron, Optimus Prime and other characters. To get fans to like the new characters and want the new toys of them. ;)
    Thundercats really missed a golden opportunity as this was a couple years before the Tutlemania onslaught. LJN could have been cranking out hordes of new anthromorphic Mutant characters. Rhino's, Elephants, Bears, insects and even sharks etc.
    Maybe the Mutants mess up the ritual (like Duckla lol) and the new Mumm-Ra is very different from the old one. :D
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    Hahahahahahaha! That would have been a hoot!!! :laugh
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    A 6-parter, I've said before. There's been a few different classifications of what constitutes the cutoff point. My view, as I've stated on here many times before, is that the opening story consists of:

    1. Exodus
    2. The Unholy Alliance
    3. Berbils
    4. The Slaves Of Castle Plun-Darr
    5. Toruble With Time
    6. Pumm-Ra

    Some think of the pilot as being the first 2 episodes, the feature length version has it as being the first 4, but to me it's the first 6. Episode 6 ends with Mumm-Ra telling the Thundercats just what he thinks of them, and then them talking about how they know they'll be seeing a lot more of him in the future - that really marks the end of the beginning.
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    New Mutants! That's a great idea! Maybe that way they would have also had a good reason to bring Pumyra and Tygra back to New Thundera as well.

    Overall, I agree the while New Thundera concept was a mistake, for so many reasons. First off, a planet reforming? Really? Second, why not let the TCs deal with loss as a part of life? Third, where were the refugees all the time? Fourth, wouldn't the other TCs be more "homesick" and eager to get back than Lion-O? I mean, during the arc that went from "Thundercubs" to "Return to Thundera", they made it clear that Lion-O missed his home planet soooooo much, but being honest, how old was he when Thundera exploded? 7? And take away the years he wasn't too conscious to remembe (the first 2 or 3 years), I'd say Lion-O grew to know and love his planet for 4 to 5 years top, while the other TCs lived there all their lives, like 25 to 30 years; they lost their home, their family, their friends, etc. Who should be more eager to get back?

    This makes me think how selfish Lion-O could be sometimes (not acceptable for the Lord of the TCs IMO), especially when it comes to his feelings towards Thundera. Let's think: leaving Pumyra and Tygra behind while he enjoyed his homeplanet and friends (as I've said, maybe Pumyra and Tygra had more reasons to miss Thundera... I still think a rotation system to keep an eye on Third Erath would have been the fair thing to do, and not just the other TCs replacing them a weekend or soas implied in "Mossland Mosnter", but that's another topic). But also in the "Return to Thundera" episode (not the 5-eps arc), Lion-O was able to meet his father and say good-bye, and maybe even save him hadn't Claudus refuse. The other TCs had no chance at all to say farewell to their beloved ones. And even more, did Lion-O, as Lord of the TCs, think of saving someone else? NO, he just thought of saving Claudus, a blind, already dying man. Don't get me wrong, every life is valuable and all that, but he could have tried to save someone else instead, or at least when Claudus refused (ok, there was no time then, but still). What about the Thunderian Royal Guards that tried to stop him? He knew for sure they would die. Why not trying to save them?
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    I forgot Trouble With Time was episode 5.
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    Because of the DVD putting it a bit later. But yes, it is episode 5, it is the first mention of thundrillium as their fuel, and Lion-O's first attempt at driving the Thundertank.
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    I must re-watch that episode. I remember having it briefly recorded on a VHS but the tape it was on got destroyed when I was very young so I only had vague memories of it.
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    Re-watch the whole first 6 - Exodus, The Unholy Alliance, Berbils, The Slaves Of Castle Plun-Darr, Trouble With Time, Pumm-Ra. That's the proper "full length pilot" as it were. You'll wonder why the official count for how many episodes form the establishing story arc didn't go this far!
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    I really should watch the second half of the series again as I have only seen it once and a few episodes more than once.

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