New ThunderCats Toy Line Roars Into US Retail Stores Nationwide!

Discussion in 'Mezco and Bandai Toys' started by blackiecats, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. ASOE!

    ASOE! Junior Member

    I'm glad they did cancel my order as that random figure crap would send me into a fit of rage. is a complete waste of time.
  2. daroga

    daroga Moleman

    Gotta say, I really like the way these new figures display. Here's a shot:


    I put some more pictures up at if you're interested.
  3. Mint Condition

    Mint Condition Junior Member

    Hey, just wanted to let you guys know about the awesome that went down today.

    First of all, in case you didn't know, if you go to the official Facebook page for Toys R Us and "like" it, you can get a 20% off coupon, and if you "unlike" it and "like" it again, it will give you a different coupon. It let me do this three times.

    Now, I called all the TRU's in my area today to see if any Thundercats toys came in...none had. But the manager of one TRU was extremely helpful. He was a fellow fan, and told me to come to the store and he would help me. When I got there, he said he was going to order the Classic Lion-O and Tygra figures for me as an "SOS" order...which basically means I get them shipped to my house with FREE SHIPPING. I just had to pay for the actual figures and already got the confirmation in my email.

    I asked if I could use the coupons on them, and he said it was "in store only" but he said when they get here all I need to do is bring them to the store, and basically return them, then repurchase them and I can use the coupons, meaning I'll be getting over $8.00 back. How awesome is that?

    The coupons don't expire until the 14th by the way, so get them now!

    And hopefully you guys can find someone so willing to help you in a Toys R Us near you!
  4. Snowmeow

    Snowmeow Junior Member

    Great story Mint... Thanks for sharing.
  5. ASOE!

    ASOE! Junior Member

    Then you should have played the lotto that night.
  6. daroga

    daroga Moleman

    Was able to nab the last 6" Mumm-ra on Amazon this afternoon! Hooray!

    That finishes me off for this wave, unless I decide to get the 4" Kit and Kat to go with the 6" other cats.

    Any thoughts on when we might hear who is coming in the next waves and when? The 6" line is so limited at the moment!
  7. RichardX1

    RichardX1 Crabman

    Here's some lookup info for the 4" figures:

    Assortment # 33000
    UPC: 0 45557 33008 8 (Mumm-Ra)

    As it mentions, that's the Mumm-Ra UPC; but many stores do not differentiate between individual figures in a line (part of K-Mart's online ordering problems), so having your local Toys R Us, for example, look up that number will tell you if any 4" figures are available at that location.

    (BTW, they're not available in Fayetteville NC)
  8. Kameinu

    Kameinu Mutant

    I assume by the Christmas season we may hear something.
  9. Bladecollector

    Bladecollector Moleman

    I think a lot of it has to do with the sales of wave #1, I am sure there are plans for who/what will be part of the line, but I would think sales are going to figure in to when/if wave 2 will be released.

    Although my wallet doesn't want them, I want wave 3,4,5,6,7 etc! haha!
  10. Tygra

    Tygra Thunderian Legend

    I checked a few stores while I was out and about this weekend and there is nothing in my area. The Thundercats are loose, but they sure like to take their time.
  11. sesshomaru

    sesshomaru New Member

    If the figures had come out last week I would've gotten the whole line in the excitement but now that I've calmed down, I'll just get the sword and the 2 classics. You won't get much money from me Bandai and it's your own damn fault.
  12. FNHostile

    FNHostile New Member

    I think I'm going to have to order these figures online as they are not available in Canada.
  13. T-Cat

    T-Cat Mutant

    Why so bitter? There in stores now, you should hype back up again! lol
  14. sesshomaru

    sesshomaru New Member

    I sound so bitter cause the money I was saving up for the entire toy line was used up to buy a couple of Masterpiece Rodimus Primes yesterday. The sword and the 2 classics figures are all I can justify to get now. :(
  15. elkkthunder

    elkkthunder Junior Member

  16. Kameinu

    Kameinu Mutant

    Most, if not all, TRU's that haven't received them that are in the East Coast should get them all in around the 15th. Can't wait for Tuesday, which is when mine get's them.
  17. Mint Condition

    Mint Condition Junior Member

    The ones around me said they would get them on Tuesday but they didn't. So yeah, most likely next Tuesday is when they'll get them. Definitely exciting, but I already bought the Classic ones on with free shipping. I'll be getting them tomorrow. :thumbsup:

    couldn't resist.
  18. Kameinu

    Kameinu Mutant

    I would've ordered them online. But since I live in Puerto Rico we don't get free shipping.
  19. Terra Bemani

    Terra Bemani Moleman said today I should get my thundercats toys on saturday. I didn't think ups delivered on saturday most of the time?
  20. michaelm

    michaelm Active Member

    A quick shot of my sons He-Man and Lion-O.

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