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Discussion in 'ThunderCats Collector's Showcase' started by ninja cat, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. ninja cat

    ninja cat Staff Web Guru Staff

    Got this all off craigslist. Deal of the century! Enjoy!

  2. Nice! I check Craigslist, but never find any Thundercats lol
  3. Saint Doyle

    Saint Doyle Crabman

    Did you make those displays yourself? Nice.
  4. Lord LionO

    Lord LionO Mutant

    Nice Display but you need a panthro! I kept thinking...Where is Panthro lol! Thanks for the share.
  5. ninja cat

    ninja cat Staff Web Guru Staff

    No they came with the lot. They are some decent display cases though. The acrylic is held onto the back with magnets. I have never seen anything like them out in stores

    Trust me, He is my biggest want right now. Panthro, Pumyra and Slithe.

    I got that whole lot above for $25. I just happened check CL, and picked the stuff up the next day. I knew I had to get them fast though. He also had a bunch of He-Man stuff but already sold all of that. I was shocked to get all of those figures + display cases for that much. They are all minty and complete.
  6. $25!!! amazing!!! this proves the there are still deals out there!!!
  7. Chromeagle

    Chromeagle Barbarian

    You lucky rascal! Ill give you $50 for them:)
  8. ninja cat

    ninja cat Staff Web Guru Staff

    No kidding!! I paid the man and ran. didnt want to ask questions!! Actually I did chat with him but didnt bring up the price. I figured he knew what he had and was happy to get rid of them. I honestly think he was trying to clear stuff out of his in h.o.a.r.d.e.r. Anyway, these guys will be staying with me along with all my other stuff! :thumbsup:
  9. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    Ninja cat your collection is awesome! The cases bestow a museum quality upon your Tcats ! Great way of displaying them.

    Thanks for sharing because we don't get to see very often Loose acrylic cased figures! I am impressed!

    I have one Loose Tygra (young) similarly displayed in my collection but doesn't look so nice as yours;)

    Are you thinking of purchasing any Vehicles too?
  10. ninja cat

    ninja cat Staff Web Guru Staff

    Thanks! Yes I plan on getting a complete (opened) collection. I dont know that I want to get every variant, but would like to get atleast 1 of every charactor and/or vehicle.

    as soon as I finish my basement office these guys will be hung on the wall to display. Maybe get one of the glass display cases from Ikea. I like those.
  11. Endorx

    Endorx Rampager

    Unbelievable bargain.. WOW!!!!!

    Does Tygra have a brown short lasso?
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  12. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    I already have two of the IKEA Cases. I guarantee you they are very good and appropriate for displaying perfectly and storing safely any precious Thundercats collection!

    Gzzz, i 'll have to buy a Third one as well for the New Wave:thumbsup:

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