News: Noah Centineo in Talks to Play He-Man in Sony and Mattel Films ‘Masters of the Universe’

Discussion in 'Introductions & Off Topic' started by Wilycub, Mar 21, 2019.

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    Pretty cool news. At least it's moving forward now with talk with an actor. The last 10+ years it's been in development with various writers and directors attached to it.
    As long as it has a god script and budget I think it will be a good movie.
    The 1987 Masters of the Universe was still quite enjoyable but was hindered due to it's budget. If the budget had been bigger a lot more of the action would have been on Eternia.
    Even with it's faults I do have a lot of fond memories of the 1987 movie.
    I would love a MOTU movie though more the 2002 cartoon...or even the New Adventures. :) Having said that I suppose the 1987 did help influence the move to the more sci-fi orientated 1990 New Adventures series, but still the NA characters would look awesome in live action.
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    @Wilycub I read the directors have now left the movie again so it is delayed until a new director is got for the movie.

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