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Discussion in 'ThunderCats (1985)' started by Tygra_Rules, Nov 28, 2017.

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    Last night I watched "Fireballs of Plun-Darr" again and noticed something that doesn't make sense.

    At first Tygra and Willa have to cross two moats; they crossed the first one on Tygra's bolowhip, and it's in the second one that Tygra turned invisible and swam and started the events that set the episode (and his infamous reputation as the TCs designated victim). But then Lion-o arrived and he fins Willa, presumable between the two moats, which means he crossed the first one, but he forgot the ClawShield, so how did he do it I don't know.

    Then they cross the second moat with some kind of rope (you can see Willa collecting it), so why didn0t Tygra do it himself? He could have crossed with his bolowhip again but chose to turn invisible and swim. It was indeed a better plan in order to avoid being seen, but Lion-O and Willa didn't have any problema with that.

    I know it's all for the "Lion-O saves the day" plot, but things like this bothers me LOL
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    And yet another one.

    At the end of "Time Switch", Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara and Snarf are trying to get a baby Lion-O into the Cave of Time. Panthro suggested they should get him in themsleves, but Tygra says that he and Panthro are too old (no mention of Cheetara though) and could die. Why not Cheetara? She could carry Lion-O on her arms, depsit him in the cave and get out just as fast as she entered for Tygra some time ago (on the bright side, this episode is one of the few to make a connection to an older one, as Pantrho tells Tygra "You almost died in there"). Anyway, Cheetara was compeltely able to do it as she has done it before.
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    I noticed on rewatching the series that Cheetara's speed pretty much stops being utilized at all somewhere early on in Season 2. Kind of lame. She was my favorite.
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    Now that you mention it, I can see it. Haven't noticed that and it's a shame.
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    Hey after all these years, I am still trying to figure how Snarf is immune to almost everything the bad guys throws at the T-Cats.

    Some of them make sense: Like the Bracelet of Power. Its a Thundarian artifact and probably only effects Thundercats. Okay, I can buy that. But Snarf's are immune to evil, so they aren't effected by The Mad Bubbler? If that was true, then Snarfs would either be monotonous automatons or just regular animals acting on instincts.

    And what about the beacon of Ravage Island? How does that not effect Snarf and Snarfer? Its a mind control beacon that takes effect through sight. Are you telling me that Snarf's eyes are magic?

    The biggest one for me was The Varicanon having no effect on the Snarfs in Thundercubs Part II. Its a freaking gun for crying out loud!!! This isn't some magical artifact meant for Thundercats. This is a war weapon meant to effect the widest range possible. You mean to tell me that the wacky inventor Vultureman would make something that effects the ship he's shooting at, the Thundercats inside, and NOT the Snarfs? Huh?!

    I mean its bad enough the villains have to deal with the deus ex blade itself, The Sword of Omens on a regular basis. Now they have to account for Snarf's invulnerability to whatever McGuffin spell that gets thrown at him?
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