Painting badly scratched thundercats

Discussion in 'LJN ThunderCats Toys' started by SuperRob, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. SuperRob

    SuperRob Junior Member

    Hi guys, I recently bought a lot of damaged & scratched Thundercats figures, I just wondered if any of you knew a good type of paint to use ? I did try some acrylic paints on a figure once but it looked terrible and just didn't look right so had to take it all off.... it's for my own personal collection and I don't intend to sell them...

    Thanks guys
  2. Booshman

    Booshman Thunderian Legend

    I use Tamiya acrylics. Make sure your figure is really clean, wash it with soap and a good scrubber. These old figures can take an aggressive clean, the paints on them are very tough. Paint with several thin coats, not one or two straight from the pot, the paint as it is is too thick to make a nice coat.
  3. SuperRob

    SuperRob Junior Member

    Thank you booshman, I'll give it a try, I have a lion-o figure and the chest as turned yellow while the arms & legs are still orange, I just want to paint the chest part so it all matches.... I've had this figure ever since I was a 9 year old child in 1987 when thundercats was the big thing, I'm 40 now, so really want to give it some TLC
  4. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    @SuperRob Tamiya, Humbrol or Citadel acrylics are very easy to work with and not as messy.
    I wouldn't recommended using acrylic paint for art like Windsor & Newton and Daler Rowney etc.
    Personally I like to use Humbrol enamel paint as it is more durable.
    Good luck restoring your figures.
    If you get chance you should check out some of Toy Polloi's YouTube videos on painting vintage toys.
  5. Booshman

    Booshman Thunderian Legend

    Don't forget to seal your work with a clear coat. It evens things out the look of things at the end, and helps protect it too.
  6. SuperRob

    SuperRob Junior Member

    Thank you very much @Mark M @ @Booshman i painted my lion-o today and he turned out great, I used the paint you suggested! I'll try get some pics to show you the results!
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  7. tone

    tone Berbill

    you guys ever consider using an airbrush for a smoother result? This is my speculation, I'm not speaking from knowledge.
  8. Booshman

    Booshman Thunderian Legend

    I have an airbrush and it has it's uses, but I find for figures like these, the time it would take to mask areas and the comparative finish, it's not worth the effort. You can get a super smooth finish if you thin the paint enough and build up coats. For colour blends and shading the airbrush is the right option, but for figures like these with solid colours a nice brush is fine.
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  9. Mcaseres

    Mcaseres Glass Walker

    How hard is it to take figures apart? Any tips? I tried taking apart a Ratar-O at the waist and I was getting nowhere
  10. Booshman

    Booshman Thunderian Legend

    They are incredibly difficult to take apart, they're sonically welded together. I've chopped figures up for customs, but the torso is usually destroyed if I've removed the limbs. The internals for the battle-matic action are also a pain to put back in if they come out. I'd say don't bother unless you really need to, and expect to do substantial repairs if you do.

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