Panthro Toy Nunchucks

Discussion in 'LJN ThunderCats Toys' started by tone, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. tone

    tone Glass Walker

    There are some ebay listings for toy Panthro nunchucks. I recall these as rare, but weirdly there are three sets on ebay right now.

  2. SwordofOmens83

    SwordofOmens83 Junior Member

    That is so awesome, do you have the other role play sets? I've always wanted to see the Tigra one with his bola whip. Apparently, they made it as well. I have the flatter non-electronic Sword Of Omens set with the claw shield, belt, round shield with logo and Lion-O orange hair mask.
  3. tone

    tone Glass Walker

    I have one of the sets you’re searching for, the belt, short sword, shield, claw, and chucks but it’s of course not for sale. Holing out for a trade of an operational RC thunder tank.

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